Dishes from the Northern region of Thailand are the focus of this new festival 

Taste the lesser known spices and flavours of Thailand through these specially curated dishes. 

Fatty’s Amazin’ Race - Thailand  at The Fatty Bao will take you on a culinary trip through Northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai and Sukhothai regions. We paid them a visit on a weekday to try out the new menu.

The first dishes brought to us were the Mashed Green Banana and Eggplant Salad and Pun Sip Neung which is steamed rice dumplings filled with fish and served with Nam Prik. We loved the salad because the eggplant was peeled into perfectly sliced slivers. Its softness was accompanied with the crispy onions and the greens. It also had a subtle bitterness because of the sesame seeds. The rice dumplings were also a tasty treat because of the well-made rice skins and also because of how the fish filling had a buttery richness.

Next, we were offered Karee Puff, Chiang Rai Chicken, and the Sai Krok Isan Sausages which are rice-fermented pork sausages. The puffs were lovely — their potato filling diced into small pieces so you could feel the freshness of the peas and mild flavours of Thai curry powder. The Chiang Rai Chicken was stir-fried chicken wings. They stood out because of the chilli-sweet lime flavouring but we liked the pork sausages better. It was high on flavour and well marinated but and balanced by the light and refreshing salad.  

Next, we sampled their Crying B**f which was chargrilled b**f tenderloin with Nahm Jim Jaew. This tamarind-and-fish-based sauce went well with the crisp thinly-sliced meat. From the main course, two choices stood out — the Kaeng Sohm and the Sukhothai-Style Noodles. The Kaeng Sohm had a  subtle garlic flavour in the rice that complemented the accompanying seafood curry. The side dishes included peanut, fried onions and a thick sambal which also helped complete the meal. The Sukhothai Style Noodles, on the other hand, would suit someone who really adores seafood because of the aromatic and flavoursome dried shrimp and fish dumpling. 

To sum up, we had a great experience tucking into the lesser known Thai dishes. We were most impressed by their perfectly balanced seasoning and flavours on each dish and how they concentrated just as much on the presentation. 


Until October 21.

At Fatty Bao, Indira Nagar

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