Personal, freshly made Burmese bowls at this new restaurant.

Experience tasty and warm Burmese curries on your rainy days, at this cozy corner restaurant. 

The idea that brewed for over two years in model, dentist and food lover Smitha Rao’s mind, manifested recently as the restaurant Just Khao Suey in Indira Nagar. This newly opened cheerful, snug place with a yellow and black theme, greets you with food illustrations and vintage-themed pictures of Burma.

We were welcomed with their Passion Fruit and Kiwi Koolers. We loved the passion fruit drink for its freshness and tang from a slit green chilli, while the Kiwi drink is sweeter and pulpier.

Next, we had an array of momos. Their Steamed Momos impressed with consistency in each mouthful, bite-sized portions and softness. The vegetarian version hit home with a soft tofu filling, with hints of ginger.

For the Wok-Tossed Momos, the crispiness achieved from both the sauces was well-received. The Red Chili Sesame had a sweet zingy flavour, while the Peanut Sauce was thicker and nuttier. The chicken versions boasted a good amount of filling to really balance out the sauce.

Onto the khao suey, the first curry we tasted was Thaisuey. This dish was influenced by Thai flavours like lemongrass and basil. The vegetarian version had fresh warm flavours, perfect for colder days. Next was the Classic Burmese Khaosuey, as a classic dish we weren’t expecting it to surprise us, but the non-vegetarian version was delicious. The curry had chicken pieces and the addition of boiled egg and yolk created a wholesome difference. Lastly, we tasted the Tamsuey, the curry with the Tamilian touch. We loved the rice noodles, the addition of curry leaves and broad beans added a unique South Indian touch.

Coming to dessert, we tasted the Coconut Souffle and couldn’t stop till we were done. The dessert had a creamy texture with subtle tones of coconut. We also adored the almond shavings and grated coconut on top. The Dark Chocolate Mousse was no less indulgent with its rich chocolate all packed into small quantities with a punch.

Ending our meal, we really came to appreciate the thought and care that went into preparing each dish. Many casual dining restaurants have a set of vegetables which they use for varying curry bases, but Just Khao Suey offered different sets of vegetables for each dish giving them a one-up.

INR500 for two at Indira Nagar

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