Olympians are sharing what they eat between training and how they carb-load

The Olympian-approved way of dieting has room for plenty of carbs

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The Olympian-approved way of dieting makes room for plenty of carbs

Everyone has a different theory on pre-workout meals. But the busiest athletes of the season want you to know that carb-loading really does have its merits and their Olympian-approved mode of dieting helps them train harder. Over the last few weeks, some Gen-Z Olympians have turned to social media to share glimpses into their Olympic workout and the diets they are on during their stay in Japan’s Olympic village.

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American rugby player Cody Melphy's Olympic meals feature spring rolls!

USA rugby player and health coach Cody Melphy shared snaps of his pre-workout meals that comprised maki-style sushi rolls, spring rolls and noodles with a side of soup and a bowl of fruits. In short, a pretty carb-heavy diet! He also shared snaps of vegetarian and gluten-free sections in the Olympic village cafeteria.

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Canoeist Kimberly Woods is a big believer in carb-loading

British canoeist Kimberly Woods revealed via her stories that carbs can fuel daytime energy and also shared what she ate every day before her training sessions in Japan. Her regimented breakfast included bread, sausages, yoghurt and eggs. For lunch, the Olympian ate portion-controlled veggies, chicken and noodles and in the latter part of the day, she went for a low-carb veggie-based meal. 

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Melissa Wu prefers an authentic Japanese fare

Australian diver Melissa Wu who scored a perfect score in the 10-metre finals shared that the casual dining hall at the village serves some of the most authentic Japanese delicacies like okonomiyaki and tempura, and she loved having her meals there. From what we can gather from her posts, the diver seemed to be leaning towards fresh seafood, mushrooms, corn and fruits in between training.

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Kelsey Robinson went for seafood-based meals

USA volleyball player Kelsey Robinson proved that even the most monitored meals can be delicious and one can have a little bit of steak whenever one chooses, in moderate quantities, of course. The athlete shared snaps of her delicious daily meals which featured fresh fish, seaweed rice ball, fried calamari, small quantities of steak and fruits like peaches and melon.