Lockdown essentials: Five tips on how you can spruce up your work from home space

Here are ideas to make your workspace look bright and welcoming

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  17th May 2021 04:35 PM   |   Published :   |  17th May 2021 04:35 PM
How You Can Spruce Up Your Work From Home Space

Throw in bright cushions to add some colour to your space

The COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave has brought life to a standstill. Work from home scenes from the lockdown in 2020 seem to be playing on loop this year too. However, even if one is confined to the four walls of the home, the pandemic has given enough reasons to make the interiors a lot more interesting to help us wade through these testing times, while we meet work deadlines and deal with challenging projects at work.

Whether you live in a studio apartment, or work from the privacy of your bedroom in your family home, there’s a lot that can be done to make your workspace look bright and welcoming. Here are five tips on how to set up a small space, shared by Nitin Jain, founder, Home4U, a home décor brand:

Setting up a studio apartment: In a studio apartment the space is small but the requirements may be same as a large home. To start with stick to a colour palette of neutral tones to keep the look cohesive. A mirror placed on a wall will be a good idea to give an optic illusion of a large space. Find pieces that you can fold when not in use like foldable cots tables, chairs. Create a division by placing a book shelf or a curio cabinet between the sleep area and the rest of the apartment. This can also be done by placing rugs to differentiate each area. Get rid of heavy curtains and instead use blinds to give a lighter feel.

Home decor
Use scented candles and accessories to add warmth to the space

Colour scheme to make your apartment look big: While white is the best choice it is not the only option. The colour choice depends a lot on the area and the natural light that enters the apartment. A soft golden colour will add warmth to a small space paired with colourful carpets and natural décor. The 2021 pantone colour combination of grey and yellow is perfect to use for a small apartment. Yellow reflects light and grey gives a subtle ambience. The neutral colour beige which never goes out of style is for everyone who doesn't want basic white and also isn't ready to incorporate bold colour into their space. Other colours like a minty green, a soft blue or a blush can be considered too.

Home decor
Corners can be done up with planters and tables

How to accessorise a small space: Use wall mirrors and photo frames. Corners can be done up with planters and tables. Add colours by throwing in colourful cushions and placing stunning rugs. Glass partition adds a visual separation yet allows light to flow through. Finally add a cosy and comfortable couch to sink into after a long day at work and to watch your favourite TV show.

What are the most important WFH essentials? A desk that is long and has large drawers so you can put your projects away when it’s time to call it a day. Sleek chairs and office accessories to keep the space neat and clean. Natural setting with planters and lively pictures make sitting and working at home easier.

Home decor
Back lighting the main vanity mirror will give an illusion of extra space

What are the key elements to decorate a tiny bathroom? Mirrors are an accessory of the bathroom so why not incorporate multiple mirrors to amplify the space. You can use mirror both on the wall and the ceiling. Back lighting the main vanity mirror will give an illusion of extra space, also place luxurious bath accessories to add some style to the space. An oil diffuser, soft white towels, scented candles are simple fixes that can really help your bathroom look more luxe. You can pick floral, citrusy, herbal hand soaps, to spruce things up. Introducing some greenery and bringing some fresh scents can help too.