The revival of jewel tones, strong reds and warm neutrals was seen in 2023, say interior designers 

With sustainable decor being the most-loved trend of all, people also took to upcycling and reusing old things for styling their homes.
In frame: Roopa Rajgopal
In frame: Roopa Rajgopal

Homes always have a character of their own, whether in a novel or real life. They are full of personal nooks and intimate memories that tell a unique story. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2023 and greet the next year with hope for fresh beginnings, let’s look at the home decor trends that helped people create their personal stories. “There’s a sudden wave of ecoconsciousness amongst people, which, by default, is making them choose sustainable interior options. A good balance with what’s trendy while also retaining old-world charm is most popular and will continue to remain so,” says Roopa Rajgopal, who owns a sustainable design studio in the city. She further adds, “While neutral tones and pastel colours are still preferred, bold and warm coloured furnishings like brown and green are some common choices.”

Similiarly, Prachi Somani, an interior designer and stylist in the city says, “I could feel the warm ’90s neutral return, the raw natural materials reign, maximalism but modern, green being the accent colour choice in most cases; in fact, three of my six designs for 2023 have shades of green as an accent choice of selection.” With sustainable decor being the most-loved trend of all, people also took to upcycling and reusing old things for styling their homes.

As sustainable choices become more important for people, the rise of technology also allowed people to make more energy-efficient choices. Somani says, “Surprisingly, I saw a growth in smart homes in 2023-homes where automation and connectivity are incorporated into every part of the architecture, from voice-activated lighting to automated window treatments. Technology is being utilised to create immersive and one-of-a-kind art experiences in homes, some examples of which include projection mapping, digital art installations and interactive works. The way we approach art and design in our homes will likely continue to evolve as innovation and technology are integrated.”

Anu Mehta, co-founder of White Teak, a luxury lighting and home decor brand, notes that while it remains a challenge for many, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability which will keep getting bigger over the coming years. “2023 was absolutely path breaking for interior design and aesthetics and really pivotal with
lighting being recognised as a key player in homes to create ambience and aesthetics. Everybody realised just putting art and expensive furniture is not going to bring your space together,” explains Mehta, adding,
“We saw a demand for statement lighting, like feathered fixtures and coloured globes, along with a rise in
functional, high-quality LED lights.” She also adds that people have been more ready to make bolder choices, saying, “The year has also been interesting because it’s been minimalism with maximalism. People have come out and embraced what they like.”

Somani ties up the mood behind these choices by highlighting that there has been a general consensus in making their spaces cosier following a difficult time during the pandemic years. “The resurgence of jewel tones, strong reds, and warm neutrals was evident in 2023. People are experimenting with colours that convey friendliness, tranquillity and empathy instead of sticking with the cold greys that characterised the decade. Some of these observations may sound like sound bites from your most recent therapy session, yet the ‘it’ colours that have grown prevalent in recent years reflect a desire for cosiness, an attachment to nature with everything green.”

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