Transform mundane objects into chic décor pieces with these crafty DIY ideas

Give your old products a new revamped look with these DIY ideas
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Are you one of those people who find nothing is waste enough to deserve the trash can? Even the most useless trinket holds the promise of... well, who knows what exactly. But let's be honest, hoarding these "treasures" isn't exactly doing wonders for your domestic tranquillity or your reputation amongst the neighbours. So, instead of letting your home resemble a museum of mundane objects, here are a few DIY ideas to repurpose these precious collections.

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Use the resuable

Plastic, Plastic everywhere making reuse very rare! Use and throw bottles are one of the most widely used products around the globe that can't be reused. But some bottles are just too beautiful to throw in the trash can. Such bottles make the best companions to our leafy friends.

Cut the bottle in half and let your creative juices flow. Once you have brought out the Da Vinci sleeping in you, fill the now transformed pot with some soil and plant a fern which would need low maintenance. This helps to take a little burden from mother earth and fills in any empty spot on the table that needs a glow-up.

The jar with the lost lid

Every household has that one jar or tin whose lid magically disappeared never to be found ever again. Though the lid is lost, do not lose hope. Some extra rope, the tin/jar that lost its partner and glue are all that is needed to turn around this widowed antique into a brand new pen holder, kitchenware holder, flower holder, you name it!

Glue the rope to the end of the tin and start spinning it around the piece. Once it is fully covered glue the loose end of the rope to the tin as well. Give your personal touch with paint, glitter, markers or anything that screams you.

Lit up plastic

Light up the world with plastic! Reused plastic! Quit plastic and don’t use plastics are well-justified phrases that prompt us to not utilise these harmful materials and cause pollution to the environment. But what about plastics that are already under use?

Revamp them to light up your desk and make a chick statement. A few plastic spoons, a water bottle, hot glue and a light bulb are all that is needed. Cut out the top part of the spoons and glue them to the water bottle without space using hot glue.  Once done insert the light bulb into the masterpiece and voila, a personalised lamp.

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It is never easy to part with cute stuff even when they are moved to the trash category. Revamp them and repurpose them into your interior décor to have a lasting memory and a burden-free trash can.

Story by S. Shruthi Darshini

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