Five must-have kitchen tools every home chef needs

Five must-have kitchen tools every home chef needs

Here's a list to get you started with your culinary journey

“No matter where life takes us, the kitchen is where we all come back," they say. Such a precious abode should be well-equipped, right? Whether you are moving to a new place or if the kitchen is a new place for you, a few basic kitchen tools are all you need to get started. Here is a list of five tools to help you equip your kitchen with.

1. Kitchen knife

A knife is to a chef as a pen is to a writer. Shouldn’t such an identity piece be as sharp as your interest in cooking? It is one of the first and foremost requirements of every kitchen. A knife is used in almost every cooking process like chopping, slicing and dicing. So a sharp and high-quality knife is something that every chef (and aspirers) must have.

2. Mixing bowl

The tool that witnesses the symphony of flavours is also a must-have in every kitchen. When it comes to cooking, the mixing bowl is a jack of all trades that can be used for mixing, storing, baking and everything that comes in between. Purchasing mixing bowls of various sizes is advisable based on personal requirements.

3. Wooden spoons and spatula

It is a crime to make the mixing bowl lonely and not bring its partner the spoons and spatula to give it company. How to sauté the onions, mix in the bowl and flip in the pan without the trustworthy spoons and spatula? Wood is a recommended material as it doesn't scratch the bottom of the bowls or pans, wouldn’t make a lot of noise while mixing and most importantly, doesn’t burn your finger while sauteing.

4. Cutting board

A cutting board may look like a plain plank of wood or plastic but it is a lifesaver incognito, which every kitchen needs. They are very versatile and can be used for a lot of purposes. From cutting the vegies to rolling dough, prepping food to presenting fancy platters cutting boards are the hidden maestros of the kitchen. They come in various sizes based on requirements.

5. Measuring cups

Generosity isn’t the best policy when it comes to cooking. Whether you are a baker, a chef or aspiring to be one, a measuring cup is something that should be a part of your kitchen family. Whether you are an amateur trying to boil rice or a culinary artist who is trying to whip up a gourmet dish, measuring cups are something that every person in the culinary hierarchy needs.

Every chef is a warrior with the kitchen being the warfield, be equipped with the best weapons and may you come out delicious from the war.

(Written by S. Shruthi Darshini)