Four ways to weave your personality into home décor

Let every step into your house make you feel like you belong with these four décor tips
Image used for representational purpose
Image used for representational purpose

A home is a place where you feel like you belong, something that is a stationary part of yourself. Such an extension of you should have your signature traits as well, right? Here are four top-notch suggestions for you to integrate your fantastic personality into your cosy home.

Glam it up

The simplest and most widely used way to incorporate your personal taste in home décor is to add properties that reflet you. If you are an artsy kind of person tweak your home with your artwork or with pieces that inspire you, if nature is your calling plants are opted for every corner or a music enthusiast has the walls decked up with postures of artists and title tracks. Show your personality through every showpiece and accessorise your house into a home.

Own your space

Home is the safe space you come back to after a day full of work and adventure, own up your safe space and make it serve your purpose. If rest is what you expect, maybe a hammock can be installed. If your house is a place where your creative juices flow, equip it with an art space. An avid gamer can have their own gaming room. Own up the space you live in and extend your personality traits to it.

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Let your hobbies speak

A home filled with handmade beauty is the best of home decor you can ever find. Remember the times when your house used to scream your presence, with all the stickman sketches stuck to the refrigerator and the childish scribbles all over the walls? Upgrade it and fill your household with your hobbies. Framed Photography expeditions, crocheted cushion cases, or hand-made woodwork, bring out all your hidden talents and let them shine in your living space.

Focus on the interior

If you are starting from scratch and have the resources to customise, then colours and furniture are your friends. Let them take you on a tour of self-identity. Darker colours for more sophistication, brighter for a pop of joy, lighter for calmer aesthetics and monochrome for people who are coy. Show your unique personality through the colours and the furniture selection and let them see your alluring taste.

Don’t let your home turn back to a house when you leave it, leave behind your dashing personality and let your home be the head turner of the street.

(Written by S. Shruthi Darshini)

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