Luxaddi’s new lantern collection is a tribute to gothic architecture

This new lantern collection makes a bold design statement
Luxaddi’s new range of lantern collection
Luxaddi’s new range of lantern collection

The Gothic Revival movement emerged in Britain in the 1740s, and reached its height in the late 19th century. The style is characterised by decorative details like pointed arches, floral details, and heraldic motifs among other things.

Much like the castle or cathedral that inspired it, a gothic revival lantern makes a bold design statement. And while you probably don’t have to cross a moat to get through your front door, a gothic revival piece might make a statement that your home is, indeed, your castle!

Luxaddi’s new range of lantern collection
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Luxaddi’s new range of lantern collection is a tribute to gothic architecture. This dazzling new range represents a harmonious fusion of history and artistry, promising to elevate interiors to unprecedented levels of opulence.

Abhishek Singhal, founder of Luxaddi, tells us that the collection is a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. “They are rooted in a fusion of gothic aesthetics and contemporary design principles, and are meticulously crafted to not only illuminate spaces but also serve as a symbol of refined taste and enduring style,” says Abhishek.

Lantern with heraldic motifs
Lantern with heraldic motifs

The lanterns are primarily handcrafted, embodying a level of precision and dedication that is unparalleled. This commitment to craftsmanship not only guarantees the highest quality but also adds a unique touch to every creation.

Luxaddi’s new range of lantern collection
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“What inspired this collection is the grandeur of gothic architecture, and it is a harmonious blend of the past and the present. Architectural details and the play of light and shadow serve as guiding inspirations, resulting in designs that evoke a sense of grace and sophistication,” he says.

While rooted in gothic design principles, Luxaddi lanterns seamlessly incorporate advanced lighting technologies. Some models feature smart lighting capabilities, allowing for customisable illumination levels, colour temperatures, and even integration with home automation systems.

Price on request. Available online.

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