Celebrate nature and tradition with this luxury home textiles

Handwoven and hand-spun by skilled artisans, The Sonnét Collection pays homage to the natural dyes and intricate patterns of ancient India
The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
The Sonnét Collection by Manoir

The Sonnét Collection by Manoir, a leading textile company, is a tale of conservation and cultural celebration. The series emerges as a testament to the captivating essence of wilderness, wildlife and the timeless artistry of ancient India. Rooted in the brand’s ethos of celebrating the sanctuary of home while contributing to cultural preservation and wildlife conservation, each piece is imbued with a profound sense of reverence for nature’s splendour. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, it reflects a deep commitment to honouring ancient traditions. Handwoven and hand-spun by skilled artisans, these pieces pay homage to the natural dyes and intricate patterns of ancient India, bringing forth a sense of peace and nostalgia.

The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
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Astha Tyagi, Creative Director at Manoir, tells us that it was a journey of inspiration and exploration.

“You will find intricate motifs inspired by traditional Indian architecture, such as the delicate carvings of temples and palaces. The patterns are reminiscent of ancient textiles like intricate weaves, paisley motifs, and floral designs found in traditional Indian textiles such as saris and tapestries. The rich colour palettes are inspired by the vibrant hues seen in Indian art, including jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby. There is also the wildlife influence — imagery inspired by the majestic creatures of the Indian wilderness, including tigers, leopards, giraffe, and their natural habitats like lush forests, dense jungles, and sprawling savannahs,” she says.

The artisans behind the collection are master craftsmen and women who possess a deep understanding of traditional textile techniques and an unwavering commitment to excellence. “Hailing from regions renowned for their rich textile heritage in India, these artisans bring centuries-old skills and expertise to every piece. Many crafts and techniques featured are at risk of being lost due to modernisation and changing market trends. By providing a platform for these crafts, the series helps revive and sustain endangered artisanal practices,” says Astha.

The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
The Sonnét Collection by Manoir

The collection is made using luxurious materials such as Egyptian cotton or silk blends for duvet cover, while Belgian linen or silk has been used for the pillowcases. “We enjoy mixing various fabric elements to create that desired depth and add layer to the bed set. And the end result is an exquisite heirloom-worthy piece,” she shares.

It is a sensory journey with each piece telling a story inspired by the natural world, inviting customers to explore and discover the hidden treasures of India’s diverse ecosystems and cultural traditions.

The Sonnét Collection by Manoir
This collection draws inspiration from the vibrant colours and textures found in India

“We hope that customers will find personal resonance in the themes and motifs featured in the Sonnet series, whether it’s a nostalgic connection to their own experiences in nature or a fascination with India’s rich history and mythology. Through this series, we aspire to inspire our customers to become stewards of wildlife and champions of cultural preservation,” she signs off.

To maintain exclusivity and ensure that each piece remains truly unique, the brand has brought out only limited editions of bedding sets and other home textiles products.

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