How yoga helps you pay less for insurance premium? 

By practising yoga, you can achieve all-round fitness of your mind and body with other benefits such as stress relief, inner peace, weight loss, improved immune system, greater awareness etc.

With lifestyle diseases increasing at a rapid pace, the race of keeping oneself fit has drastically been gaining its importance. People have become more cautious about fitness and wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gradually the concept of the gym, aerobics, Zumba etc. have started gaining their popularity among the masses. Amid these latest fitness trends, one ancient form of exercise that has secured immense popularity is YOGA!

Yoga is known as an ancient form of exercise that connects the body, mind and the spirit. By practising yoga, you can achieve all-round fitness of your mind and body with other benefits such as stress relief, inner peace, weight loss, improved immune system, greater awareness etc. Moreover, the most alluring fact is that yoga can help you reduce the cost of medical insurance plans in India.

Surprised right? Wait we’re coming to that point

How Yoga Helps You Pay Less Premium?
Among the hundreds of benefits that you can procure by doing yoga regularly, it helps in reducing your health or life insurance premium as well. Let us explain-

Stay Fit, Pay Less
Yoga helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It provides all-round fitness, which keeps you physically fit. As most of the insurance providers decide premiums on the basis of the fitness of insurance buyers, you tend to pay a lower premium as compared to an unfit person. Being healthy, you are counted under the category of ‘Healthy Lives’, which means a low-risk category. When you lead a healthy life you’re less vulnerable to claim your insurance as compared to an unhealthy one.

On the other hand, an individual with a high-risk appetite is entitled to pay a higher premium. Sometimes the insurer may deny the insurance application considering the level of a risk. Moreover, insurance companies offer a special discount for non-smokers or come with different premium slabs, which is comparatively lower than what is offered to a smoker. That means by keeping yourself fit, you can restore peace of mind and save your hard-earned money.

Stay Fit and Avail No Claim Bonus
Yoga increases your immunity and improves overall health. When you remain healthy, you don’t tend to claim your insurance policy and thus can earn NCB bonus for every claim-free year. This bonus is offered either in the form of increment in the sum insured or a discount on the premium for the next year.

The NCB bonus usually ranges from 10% up to the maximum of 50%-100%. Thus, being healthy you not only keep yourself away from illnesses but also can ensure sufficient health coverage at an affordable premium cost.

Avail Wellness Discount for Being Fit and Healthy 
In the present scenario, insurers have come up with many innovative insurance solutions in competition with the top insurance providers. One such scheme is the wellness programme, which is offered under some health insurance plans. Some health insurers offer certain wellness discount if you meet the pre-decided criteria of wellness.

The motive of offering such a discount is that when healthy people don’t claim their insurance policies or register fewer claims, this helps the insurers to save company’s cost. This benefit is further passed on to the customers as a wellness discount of insurance policy. 

For instance, Apollo Munich’s ‘Stay Active’ programme offers 8% discount on renewal if the insured walks 10,000 steps every day. Likewise, Aditya Birla Health Insurance through its Health Returns’ programme helps the insured to earn various reward points for 30 minutes gym or walk of 10,000 steps per day.

Yoga Lowers the Chances of Critical Illness
Hectic and sedentary lifestyle leads to many life-threatening illnesses. One such disease is Cancer, which can cause a great menace emotionally and financially. With skyrocketing quality healthcare costs, treating these illnesses is much more expensive, this can easily burn a hole in your pocket. When the treatment cost of these illnesses comes in five digits, the insurance gurus recommend critical illness plan.

However, staying fit and healthy by performing yoga, you can restrain yourself from claiming your insurance. Moreover, regular yoga practice helps you keep these diseases at a bay. This way you can save a huge chunk of money for not incurring medical expenses.

In a Nutshell!
Keeping yourself fit is a mantra for leading a healthy lifestyle. Given that, you can make yoga your best friend. It not only nourishes your mind and body but also prepares you as a good human. By staying physically and mentally healthy, you can keep the diseases at bay and get your health or life insurance at a lower price. Include yoga in your life and stay fit, stay insured for tomorrow!

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