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'Hard seltzers': Getting high in the healthy way

Clean and low in calories, seltzers are fast becoming a popular party starter among the health-conscious

Published on 26th June 2022
Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora to debut as a writer with her book on fitness, wellness and nutrition

The book will feature some snippets of her wellness routines

Published on 20th June 2022
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Wend your way, one step at a time: Here's how we can maximise walk routines

Maximise your walk routine to put the spring in your step

Published on 19th June 2022
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What is a ‘dopamine fast’, the latest wellness trend all about?

Dopamine fast, the hottest new wellness trend, involves staying away from all stimulations, including social media, shopping, gaming and indulgent foods, for a decided period

Published on 5th June 2022
This World Environment Day, discover the benefits of cycling

This World Environment Day, cycle your way to the planet’s health and your own 

Cycling leaves virtually no carbon footprints, and has multiple mental and physical health benefits 

Published on 5th June 2022
Swami Sivananda observes Swami Vishnudevananda doing the scorpion pose

International Day of Yoga special: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre offers classes on various aspects of yoga, details here

In celebration of the International Day of Yoga, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, India, is organising a host of programmes, including yoga asana classes, workshops and talk

Published on 29th May 2022
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Professional bodybuilder Sanjeev Tokas suggests reasons why people might need protein powders

Made of amino acids, protein builds and repairs muscles and bones and makes hormones such as estrogen, thyroid, insulin and others

Published on 29th May 2022
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What are the benefits of drinking tea?

Tea can help prevent cancer, dementia, and heart disease, among others

Published on 29th May 2022

Very few can match Dhoni’s fitness at his current age: Trainer Ramji Srinivasan

He also believes that the shortest format has also helped cricketers evolve mechanisms for injury prevention and injury management

Published on 26th May 2022

Parkour, a new fitness regimen, is getting popular in Bengaluru

The likes of Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff have been trying this new fitness regimen

Published on 24th May 2022

Actress Pragya Jaiswal speaks about her love for fashion, fitness and her friends

Pragya Jaiswal’s fashion best is not limited to cinema

Published on 24th May 2022
Abhilash Chaudhary

It’s always fitness first for debut Tollywood bad-boy, Abhilash Chaudhary

Actor Abhilash Chaudhary fits the Bollywood ‘brawny-bad-guy’ stereotype perfectly and is now all set to make his Tollywood debut

Published on 23rd May 2022
Different types of diets_Representational image

Here some diets that go beyond weight loss and focus on building sustainable habits, mindfulness

Besides reducing the chance of dementia, one can expect an improvement in concentration with the MIND diet

Published on 15th May 2022

Winner of Mr World body building contest, Karan Kapoor, talks about his fitness journey and what keeps him motivated

'Fitness is not a forced idea, and it will only help you live a healthy life by lowering your risk of illness,' says the winner

Published on 11th May 2022
Conor McGregor’s body transformation

UFC star Conor McGregor’s body transformation over the years will stun you!

The post is a collage of three photos: one from 2015, one from 2017, and the last one from this year

Published on 19th April 2022

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