Favourite yoga asanas to her workout buddy, Malaika Arora reveals her fitness secrets

On International Yoga Day this celebrity fitness enthusiast sheds light on how Yoga has impacted her life

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When did you start doing Yoga? How were you introduced to it?
I was an early adopter of Yoga, I started practising the form when I was in my early 20’s and through my professional career Yoga has helped me greatly achieve a balance of the spirit and the mind. Yoga represents a lifestyle for me and not just a mere routine I follow each day. 

How has it changed your life? 
Yoga has played a key role in my sense of being, both mentally and physically. With a very strenuous work schedule that can take a toll, being a Yoga practitioner has made experience a sense of equanimity. It has enabled me to push my limits and tap the inner potential, exploring new horizons and boundaries, making a perfect union of the mind, body and soul. 

Can you tell us about your favourite Yoga asanas?
I love to practice all forms of Yoga, but I like the Padmasana because it signifies balance and symmetry. Also, the 12 steps in the Suryanamaskar as it’s an entire body workout, etc.

Do buddy Yoga sessions help? Do you have a favourite workout/Yoga partner?
Buddy training is an essential part of training and exercising together keeps one focused and motivated. As you are bonding between the stretches and side bends, your workout time and quality increases, ensuring great results. The feeling to perform at your optimum best is heightened while working out with friends as elements of both competitiveness and camaraderie are at play. For me, it has to be my girl squad - Anshuka Parwani and my sister Amrita.

You have been practising Aerial Yoga alongside your regular Yoga. Do you prefer this fusion of Yoga?
I love Aerial Yoga! It is an exhilarating activity as it needs core-building and focus of the technique of flying and suspension. I believe it is always good to be practising a fusion as both forms have great benefits for the body and the mind.

If you had one reason to convince someone to take up Yoga, what would it be?
I believe that in today’s world Yoga is extremely essential in giving the right balance that we need, and this form works great on everybody and anybody. Beat the challenge and get fit with Yoga. 

Yoga can be practised across age groups. Do you think as compared to other fitness forms Yoga is the key to enjoying a healthy long life?
One of the most amazing things about Yoga is that it can both prevent ailments and help you recover from it. While all fitness forms help one stay fit and build stamina, Yoga does not only help in physical wellbeing but also calms the mind and the nerves.  

While travelling how do you make time for Yoga, are there any specific exercises that keep you energised throughout your hectic schedule?
Being a fitness enthusiast, I always make time for my workouts whether it’s even through swapping an hour’s sleep for some stretches and meditation. This helps me manage stress and takes me to a state of spiritual peace.

Is there anyone in the family who practices Yoga? Your sister is also a fitness enthusiast, does she also practice Yoga with you?
I love my Yoga sessions with Amrita, she is equally passionate about her fitness and we love our workout sessions together.