Fitness alert: Animal flow trainer Kez Klien promotes core and strength training at Skulpt in Kolkata

Kez Klien believes animal flow is a confluence between yoga and break dancing

author_img   |   Published :   |  18th March 2020 01:43 AM

Kez Klein

Turkish-German fitness instructor Kez Klien is in the industry for the last 18 years. Her academy in India is already five years old and her team of master trainers certifies other trainers across the country. In India for the last nine years, the animal flow specialist, who was on her maiden trip to the city, spoke about the special functional training module before she hit the floor to groom the trainers at Skulpt.

Talking about animal flow, Kez says, “It’s like a confluence between yoga and break dancing. Animal flow is body-weight training where you are on your quadrupeds, with your feet and hands on the ground, most of the time. All the movements that we mimic are of animals and it brings a flow connecting movements that looks like a dance.” Animal flow is a strength and conditioning training and Kez further informs that it can also help in losing weight if regular training is undertaken.

The animals that the training imitates are beast, scorpion, crocodile, ape and others and it targets back muscle, hamstring and other parts of the body involving continuous movement.  The fitness form exerts a lot of pressure on the arms and though Kez makes us note it is not highly recommended for women of particular age, the fitness programme can be adopted by any gender and age to improve their mobility and flexibility.

Interestingly, India and to be specific, Kolkata is not new to the form however, the unavailability of skilled animal flow trainers makes it less popular.