Jason Momoa opens up about his ‘Aquaman’ diet, says ‘I don't do calories, I just eat...’

Jason also opened up about how fans will get to see a new side of Aquaman in the upcoming film
In frame: Jason Momoa
In frame: Jason Momoa

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa has said that he didn’t need to go to any extremes to get into fighting shape for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. “I don't do calories. I just eat,” he said during an interview.  His food plan is completely flexible as well, stated reports. 

When asked what he ate in the lead-up to and during filming, he replied, “Everything. Because you're burning so many calories, I just eat and consume. I'm constantly moving and working long days. I just shovel it in and then work hard. Work hard, eat hard, play hard, just do it.”

While portraying the half-Atlantean/half-human superhero means showing off his muscular physique, Jason said his diet and fitness regimen is more about keeping his body healthy to film physically demanding scenes. “I don't really do it for vanity,” he said.

“It's more so I don't get hurt. You've got to be prepared. You're putting on a suit that's going to weigh 40 pounds. You've got to be able to move. That kind of action just puts a lot of weight on your knees. So, you just do it so you don't get hurt.”

Jason also opened up about how fans will get to see a new side of Aquaman in the upcoming film, as the character is now a husband (Amber Heard plays wife Mera) and a father. “It's all things I never got to play in the last four films that I've done. I'm like, 'People need to see this side of him.' So that was my request, and I think people are going to really love it.”

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the movie released last month, the actor stated, “Feels good to be back,” as he's seen holding the character's golden trident on set.

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