Here's how a holistic approach to skincare can be your key to healthy and youthful complexion

By nourishing your body, staying hydrated, and avoiding skin-damaging habits, you can enhance your skin’s natural beauty and vitality

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Image credits: Pexels

Image credits: Pexels

In the quest for healthy skin, our lifestyle choices play a pivotal role. Factors like poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep, and more can lead to common skin issues like dark circles, chapped lips, and wrinkles. These concerns often demand effective solutions. To achieve the radiant skin we desire, we must address the root causes of these problems and make mindful lifestyle changes.

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By nourishing our body from the inside out, managing stress, staying hydrated, and avoiding skin-damaging habits, we can enhance our skin’s natural beauty and vitality. A holistic approach to skincare is the key to maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion. Let’s look at these points in detail:

Dark circles: Dark circles are the unwelcome shadows that appear beneath our eyes. These pigmentations are usually darker than the surrounding skin, giving the impression of hollows or dark colour or discolouration, which can result from genetics, allergies, sinus issues, hormone imbalances, sleep issues, high stress, insufficient nutrient intake and more. Hereditary or genetic dark circles are very challenging to eliminate, but the dark circles that appear due to lifestyle factors like poor nutrition, sleep and high stress can be addressed by making the correct changes. To take care of your dark circles, antioxidant-rich foods and vitamin K play a crucial role. Vitamin K regulates blood clotting and strengthens capillary walls, preventing blood leakage that forms dark circles. Foods like sage, cucumber, grapes, and legumes that are rich in vitamin K as well as antioxidants can be used daily in your meal. Deep breathing works well to improve sleep cycle and manage stress that helps in reduction of the appearance of these dark patches. Apart from taking care of the dark circles internally, we can look at external applicat ion of cold green tea bags on the eyes for 30 minutes to improve blood flow and refresh our appearance.

Cracked lips: Cracked lips, also known as chapped lips, are a very common condition noticed in winter season where the delicate skin on the lips becomes dry, rough, and often splits or cracks. They can be painful and uncomfortable and in some cases bleeding cracks are also noticed. Cracked, dry, or sore lips can stem from climatic changes, extreme cold, sun damage, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, allergic reactions, and more. When your body is adequately hydrated, your lips remain moist and supple. Dehydration can lead to dry, parched lips, making them more susceptible to cracking and discomfort . Drinking enough water will keep the lips well hydrated. Using ghee or honey on your lips and gently massaging them to remove cracks can keep them healthy and soft. Avoid hot, spicy, or salty food when treating chapped lips. Vitamins B complex and A aid in healing cracked lips. Check with your healthcare professional if any supplements are needed.

Wrinkles: Wrinkles are fine lines, creases, or folds that develop on the skin’s surface, typically as a result of the natural ageing process. They are more commonly seen on areas of the body exposed to the sun, like the face and neck. Causes of wrinkles can be a combination of factors, including ageing, the loss of collagen and elastin, exposure to UV rays, smoking, pollution and the effects of gravity, etc. Apart from all these factors, even high sugar intake can lead to wrinkles. Excessive sugar consumption leads to an acidic body, making it susceptible to various diseases. Collagen and elastin, essential for supple, youthful skin, are negatively affected by glycation, a process where sugar molecules interact with protein fibres, making them malformed and stiff. This results in wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of radiance. Sugar intake also increases free radicals, accelerating skin ageing. Reduce daily sugar intake and opt for alternatives like organic honey, jaggery, or coconut sugar, which are mineral-rich. One can even try using regular facial massage at home with tomato juice to improve skin health and reduce the signs of wrinkles.

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Incorporating these dietary changes, remedies and tips into your skincare routine can help you maintain a healthy, youthful skin in all seasons.