Transform your mornings: 5 steps to start your day right

Maximise your morning productivity and tranquillity with these simple yet powerful habits
Transform your mornings: 5 steps to start your day right

Each morning is like a new page in the book called life. The activities and thoughts that run in the first few paragraphs determine, how the rest of the page goes. Here is a list of five activities that you can incorporate into your morning routine to have a more peaceful and refreshing start to your day.

Wake up on the first alarm

Ring.. Ring.. Snooze. Ring.. Ring.. Snooze. If this is how you start your mornings, then we have found the very first problem to fix. An alarm tells you how well you know yourself and how much willpower you have to start the day. Too many snoozed alarms can make you feel unprepared. Set an alarm that is realistic, provides ample rest and allows you to start your day without rushing.

Put together a to-do list

A to-do list is one of the best ways to multiply your productivity for the day. As the wise say, “Every minute spent in organization is an hour earned.” Making a to-do list first thing in the morning allows you to collect your thoughts and prepare to meet the challenges of the day.

Transform your mornings: 5 steps to start your day right
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Spare a few minutes to yourself

Mornings are usually the busiest part of the day with getting ready, packing food and getting stuff done to start your day. For most, it feels like getting out of a train wreck while leaving the house after all the morning rush. It would be a great idea to spare a few minutes to yourself at such a chaotic part of the day. It can be for a hobby, reading a book, watering plants, or just sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea. A few minutes to yourself will help you start your day with a calmer state of mind.

Always have breakfast

Breaking the fast is one of the most important and can't be skipped steps of the morning routine. Skipping breakfast may feel like a great way to save some time in the morning tornado but this will prove to be a very bad decision. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy mind helps you make your day way more productive than the few minutes you saved by skipping your breakfast.

Say a word of prayer

This may sound very religious, but starting your day with a word of prayer can be a great way to leave behind your apprehensions and anxieties for the day and let you get out with a more serene state of mind. Always remember to thank god for all the wonderful things he bestowed you with and start your day on a happy note.

Mornings are always rushed and busy. Amid all the buzz don’t forget to take a step back, take a deep breath and face the day as the best version of yourself.

(Written by S Shruthi Darshini)

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