Here are three tips for a fitter you in 2024

Self-reflection, right mindset and consistency are important to lose weight
Here are three tips for a fitter you in 2024
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Many of us struggling with weight loss, obsessing over the numbers on the scale without even realising the importance of losing fat over just shedding pounds. Losing fat means losing inches, feeling lighter and better in our clothes, reducing stress from various body organs, and improving overall health. Using the scale as the sole measure of success is flawed, as weight fluctuates daily even when we drink water or eat food and especially when building muscle. Instead, focus on fat loss, which is more indicative of progress. We all often know and understand what we should eat, how much to exercise, the importance of sleep and emotional health. But we overlook the critical aspects of self-reflection and mindset.

The first step towards healthy fat loss is introspection. Take a moment to ask yourself, “How long did it take for me to g ain this weight?” Realistically, it won’t disappear in a month if it takes six months or a year to accumulate that much weight. Losing weight will be like peeling layers off an onion; each step forward is progress, but it won’t happen overnight. The body needs time to adjust to new habits and shed excess weight gradually. Patience is crucial because sustainable weight loss isn’t a quick fix; it’s a journey requiring commitment and mindset. Set achievable goals to avoid frustration and disappointment because feeling frustrated about not losing weight can lead to emotional eating, stress and increased cortisol levels. this can disrupt metabolism and lead to more weight gain. stress eating and negative emotions can create a cycle of overeating, making it harder to achieve weight loss goals.

Here are three tips for a fitter you in 2024
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The next step is to identify the factors that contributed to weight gain. Emotional stress, guilt or anger when eating food, overeating, mid-night snacking, sleep deprivation, lack of activity, excessive alcohol or partying, high carbohydrates or sugar intake, etc. are a few common culprits. Understanding these triggers allows you to create an action plan to work on the same, which helps us in the long run to achieve a healthy weight and inch loss. The mind is a powerful tool that cultivates a positive outlook and addresses the root causes of weight gain. Simplify your approach and trust your intuition. Avoid chasing unrealistic expectations and fads, as they can increase anxiety and cortisol levels, hindering progress. Consistency and discipline are key; stick to your action plan and trust the process.

Thirdly, many fail to achieve their goals because they keep jumping from one method to another, expecting instant results without trusting any process. However, the body responds to consistent effort and requires time to adapt. Shortcuts don’t work; prioritise self- awareness and individualised approaches. Trust your body’s signals and focus on long-term success rather than quick fixes. Following a tailored action plan with dedication yields gradual but sustainable results. Embrace the changes in your body and your journey, listen to your body and avoid comparing yourself to others. Your body has its own unique physiology, and understanding its needs is paramount. with introspection, consistency and perseverance, achieving healthy fat loss is within reach.

Here are three tips for a fitter you in 2024
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