Recipes: Chef Shailesh Verma shares a few tips on royal dishes from Rajasthan

Chef Shailesh Verma, executive chef of The Lalit Jaipur, shares royal recipes from Rajasthan for Indulge only

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Chef Shailesh Verma has been delighting the gastronomes with his culinary skills for the past twenty one years. Starting his career as a trainee chef at Hotel Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Chef Verma has trained under world’s best chefs and has conducted various national and international food festivals.

Chef Verma was actively associated with the launch of hotels including InterContinental Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels, Royal, Orchid Hotels and also launched Jewel Of Nizam – The Minar, a fine dining restaurant on the theme of Hyderabadi cuisine. 

He is currently the executive chef at The Lalit Jaipur and is actively associated with the concept of #PURE LOVE by creating ‘JOY’ and ‘WOW’ moments for the guests and colleagues, amalgamating the traditional and contemporary cuisines with concept of “We serve what we grow”.

Shailesh Verma, executive chef, The Lalit Jaipur, cooking up a storm with Rajasthani cuisine at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

Currently in Kolkata to orchestrate a 10-day Rajasthani food festival at The Lalit Great Eastern, Chef Verma also conducted a cooking workshop to impart training on how to cook Rajasthani dishes perfectly at home. Stealing some time away from his busy schedule, Verma parted with a couple of Rajasthani royal recipes only for Indulge.

The chef also shares a few tips to cook the dishes perfectly. "All the dishes should be cooked on slow fire to enhance the flavours of the herbs. The pans used should have thick and flat base and spices should be freshly ground. Cook Laal Maas with meats having bones, since the bone marrow enhances the flavour of the gravy," advises chef Verma.

Bhunni Makai Ka Shorba

Bhunni Makai ka Teekha Shorba


Corn kernels: 250 gms                    

Chopped fresh ginger: 40 gms                  

Crushed black pepper: 30 gms                 

Turmeric powder: 8 gms                               

Chopped fresh coriander: 20 gms                           

Green chilli (slit): 20 gms                             

Salt: 8 gms                           

Lemon juice: juice extracted from four lemons                

Refined oil: 20 ml                             

Water as required                                           

Chopped green capsicum: 20 gms                          

Chopped red capsicum: 20 gms               


Sautee corns in oil along with all powder spice and vegetables except capsicum, coriander and lemon. Blend the mixture and strain it. Heat the mixture and adjust the seasoning, add crushed corn kernels along with capsicum and serve hot.

Laal Maas

Lal Maas


Mutton nalli: 880 gms    

Mutton boti: 480 gms    

Bay leaf : 3 gms 

Big cardamom: 2 gms    

Green cardamom: 2 gms             

Cinnamon stick: 2 gms  

Onion: 1.5 kg     

Ginger: 100 gms               

Garlic: 150 gms 

Tomato puree: 500 gms               

Mathani mirch paste: 100 gms   

Salt: 15 gms       

Mustard oil: 300 ml         

Garam masala powder: 5 gms   

Whipped curd: 200 gms


Heat oil and add whole spices. Allow them to crackle, add onion and cook until golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste, cook a little. Add mutton to it along with salt and cook a little more. Add degi mirch powder and hot water and allow it to boil. Then add tomato puree and reduce the curry and when the mutton is cooked strain the curry. Before serving add garam masala powder to it.