Try the mango tart recipe by Chef Neelabh Sahay of Novotel, Kolkata  

The goodness of tart and mango come together in this interesting arrangement

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Mango Tart

Mango Tart by Chef Neelabh Sahay, Novotel Kolkata

Chef Neelabh Sahay

This nifty arrangement of luscious slices of mangoes, laced in a cream patisserie mix, will make you go weak in your knees.


Short Crust Dough:


360 gm butter

6 gm salt

280 gm

Icing sugar

90 gm ground almonds


540 gm flour


Cream the butter with icing sugar, add eggs and mix well. Add ground almonds, salt and flour, and chill for at least an hour. Then roll at 3 mm thickness, to make the tart base.

Frangipane mix:

Ingredients: 250 gm butter

250 gm castor


5 eggs

68 gm almond powder

188 gm flour

5 gm baking powder

Cream the butter with castor sugar, and add eggs. Then add all the dry ingredients including almond powder, flour and baking powder — and chill for at least an hour. Pipe it up to half of the tart base, and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

Crème Patisserie:


500 ml milk

100 gm sugar

40 gm custard powder

egg yolks

25 gm butter


Dilute the custard powder with a little milk and heat till it reaches 80 degrees Celsius. Mix egg yolks and sugar together, add the mixture to warm milk, and cook on a low flame. Add the custard mix and cook until it becomes a thick mixture. Pipe the cream patisserie mix on top of the baked tart shell, and arrange the slices of mango on the top. Garnish with chopped pistachio and maraschino cherry.