Recipe: This is the best Mango Cheesecake you will ever taste

Ashutosh Nerlekar, Executive chef, The Park Chennai shows us how

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Mango Cheese cake - The Park Chennai

Mango Cheese cake

Mango cheese cake
For 1 kg


Cream cheese 450 gms
Double Cream 60 gms
Icing sugar 135 gms
Whole eggs 3 
Refined Flour 25 gms
Mango pulp 225 gms
Whole mangoes 2 (for garnish on top)

For the base
Cream Crackers 250 gms
Unsalted Butter 60 gm

For the cookie base

Line the baking pan with aluminium foil
Take the cream crackers, reach out for Marie biscuit if you cannot get the real deal.
Coarsely grind them and add some butter to the mix.
Press it lightly on the aluminium foil so that it comes together.
Bake the base at 180 Celsius for about 4 minutes or less so that it can get slightly brown and it is set.

Cheesecake mix
Cream the icing sugar, double cream and cream cheese to a smooth consistency in a bowl
Add the beaten eggs one at a time to the mixture and mix it.
Add the flour and fold it in gently.
Add the mango pulp to the mixture.
One can also add chopped mangoes in the mixture.
Pour this mixture on top of the base and bake it for 35 to 40 minutes at 180 Celsius
Cool it for 3-4 hours and unmould it.
Garnish it with some chopped mangoes as desired.
Serve chilled.

Shared by Ashutosh Nerlekar, Executive chef, The Park Chennai.

Photo credit: Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash  

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