Hibiscus tea can be good for your blood!
Hibiscus tea can be good for your blood!

Looking after the health of your blood might work wonders for you

Keeping your blood clean might be the best way for you maintain a healthy body

We always keep thinking about how to take care of different organs be it the liver, the kidney, the heart, or the gut. We make sure that we eat right to detoxify these organs and make them work efficiently. But what we often ignore is our blood. It is the carrier of nutrients or the medium that transports or carries nutrients, oxygen, hormones, fats etc to each and every cell in our body. What if our body needs cleansing or the purification of blood to do all of these processes properly, are we talking care of that?

Many of us may have only heard about the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood which we can check by getting our RBC and haemoglobin tests done. But the functions of blood don’t stop here — it also transports nutrients to the cells and then the cells dump their waste into the blood which is then eliminated out of the body. Blood also helps in regulating water, pH levels, temperature and other important functions.

Our blood also consists of entities like — WBC, lymphocytes, neutrophils etc which are a part of the immune system and helps to fight foreign materials or infections. Then, there are the platelets that help in coagulation of the blood to form clots and prevent our body from losing excess blood.

Garlic helps keep blood healthy
Garlic helps keep blood healthy

When we know that blood has such an important function in the body, then taking care and purifying blood becomes vital. Let’s look at certain foods and lifestyle changes that you can make to keep blood healthy and pure:

Exercise: This comes number one on the list because with exercise our blood circulation improves. That means there are higher chances of purification and the nutrients are better absorbed in body.

Keep your liver clean: The liver plays an important role in cleansing the blood because a healthy liver flushes out toxins, waste materials and unwanted or harmful byproducts of medicine or alcohol etc from the blood. Liver also pulls out nutrients from the blood and uses them for the body. Keep your liver cleansed by restricting the intake of alcohol; and increase vegetable intake so that the fibre enhances elimination of toxins.

Water: Eighty per cent of our body is made up of water and blood is no different, it’s a fluid that consists mainly of water itself and that’s why an adequate intake of water is required because dehydration will create a negative impact on blood. Water, acts as a natural cleanser which flushes out toxins from the body and blood, therefore making it clean and enhancing its functions.

Beetroot: Beetroot is a good source of iron, plus it helps the body produce glutathione naturally. With glutathione and active cleansing properties beetroot promotes detoxification of the liver as well as blood. Beetroot is also a good source of nitrates which help with vasodilatation or blood vessel dilation and that too improves purification of blood as well as helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Garlic: The sulphur compound alicin found in raw, crushed garlic has so many proven benefits in the body. It detoxifies the liver, protects the body from inflammation, has anti microbial properties etc and all of this helps in purifying the blood.

Green tea: It’s loaded with antioxidants which reduces oxidative stress from the body and therefore helps in cleansing the system as well as the blood. Drinking one cup per day is helpful.

Hibiscus tea: Hibiscus is a good source of iron along with traces of potassium; magnesium, zinc etc purify the blood and help in improving blood pressure, as well. Phytochemicals and flavonoids from hibiscus tea help in lowering blood pressure; anthocyanin found in hibiscus has cardio-protective properties. A cup of hibiscus tea or hibiscus juice can be had once a day to reap its benefits.

Use these tips regularly to keep your blood and body clean!


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