Janhvi Kapoor tenders dating advice on Tinder’s Swipe Ride show with Kusha Kapila

Janhvi Kapoor emphasises on being confident in your skin and refusing to settle for less 
Jhanvi Kapoor tenders dating advice on Tinder’s Swipe Ride show with Kusha Kapila
Jhanvi Kapoor tenders dating advice on Tinder’s Swipe Ride show with Kusha Kapila

Tinder, the dating app, returns with a fresh installment of Swipe Ride, a show dedicated to candid discussions about the desires of Indian women in their dating life. Crafted collaboratively by filmmaker Debbie Rao and writer Supriya Joshi, this series emerges from the unity of women asserting their freedom in the dating realm.

This edition features a surprise appearance by actress Janhvi Kapoor, engaging in a conversation with social media content creator and actor Kusha Kapila, who leads the conversation. In this latest episode, they converse about the significance of honesty and genuineness in dating, cultivating self-assurance, and upholding personal expectations without compromise.

Janhvi shares, “Self-love is all about knowing you're worth more and not settling for anyone that doesn't see that. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and happiness starts with loving every bit of yourself. As a Gen Z woman I’ve learnt that having high standards isn't being picky; it's valuing yourself enough to know what you deserve. And when it comes to dating, honesty is everything. No games, just genuine connections. This episode is just a reminder that in a world that loves labels, your worth, your body, and your rules are yours to set. You deserve a relationship that loves all of you, just as you are.”

<strong>Janhvi Kapoor</strong>
Janhvi Kapoor

In the conversation, Janhvi discusses how women often confront the sense of not measuring up to supposed 'ideal' beauty norms, leading to feelings of inadequacy. She underscores the significance of embracing self-assurance and rejecting compromises, highlighting that these factors are pivotal for self-love and cultivating healthy relationships. This sentiment aligns with the viewpoint of 86% of Indian women daters who consider personal self-care as a priority in their dating lives, according to a survey by OnePoll on behalf of Tinder.

Both women further delve into the concept of 'situationships' – relationships that are casual yet explicitly defined, emphasising transparency and freedom. This contemporary approach to knowing someone resonates with 40% of young Indian women daters, who favour situationships as their current dating choice, to redefine love according to their terms.
“Young women today are upfront about what they want when it comes to their dating lives. They are  doing so by normalising conversations around female desire, body positivity, consent and boundaries, which the viewers will also get to witness on Swipe Ride. For the third season, I got a chance to witness female Tinder users be absolutely confident about their dating choices and take charge of what they want. I was more than happy to play a role in facilitating these meaningful conversations,” shares Kusha Kapila.
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