All you need to know about the 'Snooze Dating' trend in the online world

Snooze Dating is the practice of temporarily pausing conversations to recommence them at a later time 

Priyamvada Rana Published :  15th September 2023 04:44 PM   |   Published :   |  15th September 2023 04:44 PM
Representative Image: Online Dating

Representative Image: Online Dating

In the era ruled by online dating, the dynamics of making connections have gone through a major change. New trends keep on emerging to understand the behaviour of people on dating apps. This time, the dating app Happn embarked on an exploratory journey into the world of contemporary romance to find out about the Snooze Dating trend. It is the practice of temporarily pausing conversations to recommence them at a later, more convenient juncture. The app’s survey findings offer an intriguing glimpse.

The results showed that 60% of women confess to occasionally overlooking ‘Crush’ profiles or conversations on online dating platforms. Notably, men seem to overlook profiles less frequently than their female counterparts. When presented with the option to receive a reminder about "snoozed" conversations, a striking 80% of women express the desire to rekindle dialogues based on context, while 40% of men express similar intent to continue the discussions.

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Interestingly, as age advances, the incidence of inadvertent oversight diminishes, implying that younger users may be more susceptible to the unintentional fading of connections. In the 25-35 age bracket, overlooking Crush profiles is a rarity, but the younger generation, being more active on the platform, experiences a greater number of missed connections.

Furthermore, the study unveils that women harbour a greater concern about ghosting, with 50% acknowledging its significance. In contrast, a significant 32% of men view it as an inherent aspect of online dating, a sentiment not shared by women (0%). Notably, 49% of men harbour the belief that they may have passed up the opportunity to connect with a promising Crush by pausing a conversation.

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Delving into the reasons behind the phenomenon of "snoozing" Crushes, the survey discloses that individuals in the 18-25 age group tend to pause conversations due to time constraints (39%) and the occasional lapse of memory in responding (43%).

Men are more likely to pause conversations due to time constraints (40%) or the allure of more captivating conversations elsewhere (33%), while women are inclined to pause when they find the current conversation uninteresting (40%) or when time constraints cause them to inadvertently forget to respond (60%).

Connections may pause, but they are never truly lost. Whether you are a seasoned dater or new to the dating scene, this trend redefines our approach to missed connections, offering a fresh perspective on the quest for genuine relationships.

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