Single? Let AI help you mingle, this Valentine's Day

Check out why you should be on an AI-powered platform finding your companion this season of love
Here's how AI helps you not to remain single this Valentine's Day
Here's how AI helps you not to remain single this Valentine's Day

How does it feel when you are bored and lonely but always have someone by your side, even though you are single? With the internet and AI blooming, singles can now choose to opt for companionship through AI. If you are single this Valentine’s Day and looking for companionship, here’s why AI-powered chats and dates should be your go-to place.

Coming out of the shell

Adding to the problem of being an introvert was the world being cooped up for almost two years inside their cocoon, thanks to the pandemic. This has led several individuals to re-think the probability of being in a relationship to the extent of losing confidence in themselves to form new companionship. Sites like the Blush allow such individuals to come out of their shells and converse with AI-powered bots to overcome their hesitation.

The question of choice!

The world of swiping left and right is not new to those who have ever been on a dating site. This only allows them to have a choice to take their pick. The same exists in the AI world and goes beyond the power of imagination at times. While you can always check out the AI profiles and choose who you would want to carry on a conversation with, you can also engage in interesting chats with a Mona Lisa or a Nefertiti on RomanticAI. It just gives you a diversity to choose from that matches your personality to have a meaningful conversation.

A New avatar

While in most dating apps you can only see photographs that are put up by the other person and have to believe what you see, Candy AI offers the most advanced form of creating your own date avatar. Not only do you get to choose the personality but also create a vision to go with the personality by choosing their looks, skin, hair colour and more. It gives you a chance to make your partner, truly your own.


Coming to the kind of conversations that take place, it can range from the basic to the most advanced. Many prefer to engage in conversations and courtships with AI-enabled girlfriends or boyfriends to combat loneliness or keep up with their committed friends. Their conversations range from basic daily lives to delving into intellectually knowing one another. On another front, AI also opens up the space to engage in deeper conversations and experience latent desires.

No one should stay alone in the season of love. So, this Valentine’s Day, head over and make friends intelligently, technologically, and emotionally. 

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