Nobel Peace Prize for Jacinda Ardern? A quick profile of the former DJ who became world's youngest Prime Minister

Two petitions have been launched calling for New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern

Wellington, New Zealand, March 23: Two petitions have been launched calling for New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, for her handling of the March 15 Christchurch mosques carnage, media reports confirmed.

An online petition that started four days ago has garnered more than 3,000 signatures, while a petition on a French website received over 1,000 signatures, reports said on IANS.

"Following the tragic events of Christchurch and the adequate, open and peaceful response of New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern, we wish to propose her as the recipient of the upcoming Nobel Peace Prize," the French petition said.

Ardern has been praised by the international community for the way she led the country through the carnage where 50 people lost their lives. In recognition of Ardern's work, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was lit up with an image of her in a hijab hugging a Muslim woman.

Jacinda said on Sunday that the country will hold a national remembrance service on March 29 for the 50 victims of the attack in the Christchurch mosques.

The service will provide an opportunity for New Zealanders and people around the world to come together as one to honour the victims of the attack carried out at two mosques on March 15, reports quoted Ardern as saying in a statement.

"There has been an outpouring of grief and love in our country since the unprecedented terror attack. The service will be a chance to once again show that New Zealanders are compassionate, inclusive and diverse, and that we will protect those values," she added.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel said she is proud of her city in responding to the attack, and that "this would be a time for everyone to come together in unity". 

The service will be held at Christchurch's Hagley Park and will be jointly led by the government of New Zealand, the city, and the Maori and Muslim communities.

Foreign leaders and dignitaries would likely be in attendance, as well as global Muslim leaders. On Sunday, peaceful rallies and vigils were held in the country to commemorate the victims.

Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern has become every girl's dream icon after she took over as Prime Minister of New Zealand, at the age of 37, becoming the youngest female leader in the world.

According to reports online, Jacinda's life so far has been in stark contrast to her political duties, and that the now-expectant mother was once a DJ. The stylish politician is known to have played a 45-minute DJ set at Auckland’s Laneway music festival in 2014.

Ever since her step up as the Labour Party leader, Jacinda's Instagram feed has been flooded by a seeming personal campaign portraying a career-driven woman, on a mission to end child poverty.

Not so long ago, however, Jacinda was an average festival-goer - and she was also spotted performing at a local record store.

One publication even uncovered Jacinda's tracks as an amateur DJ, from her past, where she would play Spice Girls, The Beatles, Iggy Pop and Snoop Dogg - on her Macbook.

Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda was born into a devoutly Mormon family, but left the faith in her early-20s, amid its opposition to same-sex marriage, reports said, quoting a close friend of the Prime Minister.

According to the source, Jacinda always had an interest in politics, and even used to campaign in high-school - calling for permissions to allow girls to wear trousers in school.

At age 17, she would volunteer for the Labour Party, while juggling a job at the local fish shop. Soon, she swapped those baggy outfits for stylish suits, having become New Zealand’s youngest Labour MP, in 2008.

In her maiden speech in parliament, the then-28-year-old said, "I am the first to concede that I am not a normal young person."

Earlier last year, Jacinda became the first world leader since 1990 to have a baby while still in office. "I’ll be Prime Minister and a mum, and Clarke will be 'first man of fishing' and stay-at-home dad," she said in her baby announcement.

"I am not the first woman to work and have a baby. I know these are special circumstances but there are many women who have done it well before I have," she had said in an official statement.


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