Simple home organisation hacks: How to spruce up your home and keep things on track

If your daily schedule involves keeping track of family, working on passion projects, self-development, making sure errands are run and your home is organised, we’ve got the perfect hacks for you.

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Simple home organisation hacks

Simple home organisation hacks

If everyday productivity is your goal, preparation for achieving it is a must. An inability to stay organised adds to the execution time of the simplest of tasks to the point where you become too lethargic to even attempt them. 

If your daily schedule involves keeping track of family members, working on passion projects, self-development, making sure errands are run and your home is organised, we’ve got the perfect hacks for you.

1. Plan your schedule
In an active family, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of where everyone is on a given day. 

An easy way of planning everyone’s schedules is to keep a sticky notepad next to a large calendar and have family members write down their activities and paste a note next to the relevant day. It makes coordination a lot easier!

2. Get your kitchen to stay organised 
Any Indian kitchen will have a ton of utensils. And every meal preparation requires you to have this utensil easily available for you to use when you need it, so you don’t need to spend hours just cooking. 

Getting your kitchen to always be organised is the key to saving time. Plan where you want each of your utensils put up so that it is easily accessible exactly when you need it. 

Once you have made the plan, try hanging all the everyday essential and smaller items like scissors, strainer, smaller pans etc on the countertop wall using the damage free hooks so that everything is easily accessible as well as makes the given space look good and organised.

Simple home organisation hacks


3. Make grocery lists easier
No matter how often you go grocery shopping, you tend to miss out on essential items. And in a family, where every member has their own needs, the lists can really go out of hand if they are just in your mind. 

What you need is some sort of a visual collection tool where all your family members can put up things they need whenever they want to. 

Put up an erasable whiteboard film on your refrigerator along with a whiteboard marker, so that anytime someone needs something, they can just write it on the whiteboard film. 

Whoever is going grocery shopping will just have to take a pic of the list written on the whiteboard film on their phone instead of scouring the fridge or kitchen for depleted items.

Simple home organisation hacks


4. Help your child stay organised through the year 
In an un-organised study area, it’s very hard for your child to focus and they end up wasting a lot of time looking for important material. It can be distracting and stressful resulting in a very disorganised mental state. 

An organised room, on the other hand, helps your child be more focused and they no longer end up wasting a lot of their study time searching for important study material. 

It also helps you keep track of all the resources available making it easy to refill as and when they run out of it. With the right tools, it’s not only possible to keep the study area organised, but also help them study the right way and make learning more fun and lasting. 

Colourful sticky notes can be used to summarise, colour code and bookmark important topics while studying making it effortless to recollect and revise.

Priya Vijayran, Founder & Professional Organiser, The Groomed Spaces​


5. Organise your wardrobe
Figuring out what to wear is a daily struggle, and it never gets easier. The panic that comes with the morning routine makes it difficult to be both impeccably dressed and on time. 

We have a solution that might make things easier! Start by categorising your clothes in different categories like - a yellow flag for what you wear the most, a red one for what you wear the least, another for party or office wear and you’ll have your own customised, functional and a time-saving wardrobe. 

We guarantee that once you know where to find everything, selecting the right outfit for the right occasion will be much easier.

Sanjit Satapathy, Executive Director, Consumer Business, 3M India


6. Remember to stay on track
When various day to day tasks start to pile up putting it all down on one page might not be feasible. 

However, displaying quick reminders like invitation cards, bills, letters, research material etc. in spaces you frequent is an excellent way of keeping track. 

One usually avoids putting things on the wall with tape because of the fear of damage. Using a wall-friendly tape, you can ensure that all your tasks are in a place your eyes roam frequently. 

No matter how much you must get done, staying on top of your tasks becomes manageable.

Staying organised helps you become more productive in other day-to-day tasks as well.

Simple home organisation hacks


Organising is not a superpower or something you are born with- it is a skill that can be learned by implementing small changes in your day to day life tasks with help of the right products to keep the items in place and contained. 

Try assigning a designated place to every item you own and keeping the item back from where you took them so it’s easy to find it later when you need it.

So, the time is now; get out there and get your life sorted and organised!

Co-authored by Sanjit Satapathy, Executive Director, Consumer Business, 3M India and Priya Vijayran, Founder & Professional Organiser, The Groomed Spaces.