Kolkata’s BITM Museum gets an updated Transport Gallery

Upon entering the gallery you will be greeted by a wall of information on various Metro Rails around the world
Evolution of waterways transportation
Evolution of waterways transportationPritam Sarkar

The oldest Science Museum of the country, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), the first under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, is all set to open doors to its revamped and updated Transport Gallery today, on the occasion of International Museum Day. While the entire gallery gets an aesthetic update, there are three model-based updates focussing on the newest technologies.

BITM director, Subhabrata Chaudhuri mentions, “Transport as a technology is moving ahead in tune with the time. We decided to provide an invigorating experience of the same under a single roof, right from inventing the wheel to the modern day metro system we are used to. We wanted to bring to the public domain new technologies that we may expect in the coming days in five areas like vehicles going underwater, those on the water, those which are on the road or railway lines, and those which are in the air and in space too.”

Metro Railways
Metro RailwaysPritam Sarkar

Upon entering the gallery you will be greeted by a wall of information on various Metro Rails around the world. Of course, it’s an introduction to the first underground metro system accompanied by a model of the same which has been made to near-perfection on the basis of actual engineered blueprints.

When we talk of the metro railways, it is impossible to miss out on their latest victory where Kolkata was the first to get an underwater metro. A model of that too is on display with moving miniature trains.

Underwater Metro Railway
Underwater Metro RailwayPritam Sarkar

Elaborating on the Metro displays, Chaudhuri commented, “While we are presenting the narrative in a storytelling mode, we have taken the help of real artefacts, faithful replicas, technologies like computer technology and augmented realities. We have always wanted to remain updated. When we talked about the Metro, nothing is complete without mentioning the Calcutta Metro which is the oldest Metro of the country. The first underwater Metro system that we have right now has also been shown. When we ride through the underwater metro we enjoy it, but we do not generally know how deep it is or the challenges in creating the same because we have alluvial soil in the area.”

Evolution of waterways transportation
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The grandeur of the evolution of the waterways section is hard to miss. The life size replica of a boat complete with rowers and a water-ripple effect in the background is the USP of the gallery. What more, several boat models which had been carefully kept in the Museum archives for so long have now been displayed for the general public, giving them a view of the complete evolution of the waterways system.

And lastly, the Indian railways have also seen success with the Vande Bharat Express which holds a place in the gallery. The model of the train resembles the real one and if you keep looking at it for a while you would notice the train seats revolving automatically.

Vande Bharat replica
Vande Bharat replicaPritam Sarkar

The newest additions have made sure that the Museum is updated in all its aspects. It is aesthetic, artistic, informative, entertaining and interactive to gain the attention of the visitors.

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