‘Rage Room’, is Hyderabad's first anger-venting room at Madhapur


author_img Mayank Tiwari Published :  15th October 2022 09:17 PM   |   Published :   |  15th October 2022 09:17 PM
Representative image

Representative image

Wearing industrial jumpsuit (like Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad) Suraj Pusarla looks around the room, lifts a metal baton and wrecks everything in sight — a microwave, refrigerator, television set, keyboard, printer, and glass bottles until there’s nothing left to break. This is not a criminal incursion; it is a ‘Rage Room’, the city’s first anger-venting room at Madhapur. It is quirky but fun. For CE, the fun-filled anger-venting experience ended with a sigh of relief but with a lot of panting.

“I’ve always been short-tempered,” says 25-year-old Suraj Pusarla, who is the head of finance at AdOnMo doesn’t look angry from any angle but founded the Rage Room 15 days ago. He is lean, with puppy eyes and a smiling face. He says, “I’ve grown long hair and a beard to get that angry look.”

The aura changes when he walks CE into the Rage Room. Suraj’s eyebrows come down, eyes glare, and in no time, all one can hear is the loud thud, clack, and creak until everything in front of his vision turns into debris.“When I was younger, my parents understood my anger issues. I had the habit of throwing and breaking stuff like TV remotes and sometimes glassware. I took anger management classes too, and venting is a big relief. I made this anger-venting room for myself and for my friends to have fun; I know there are many others like me, who would like to use it too,” Suraj, drenched in sweat, adds.

Since the rage room opened in Madhapur, where IT workers are over the edge, it has been an entertaining opportunity for catharsis. Each offered session has an array of objects to destroy, including computers and office furniture. The cheapest package at Rs 1,300 is called: ‘Quickie’. It has a crate full of glass bottles, a keyboard, a mouse, and speakers. One can also opt for ‘Rage Mode’ costing Rs 2,800. It has a microwave, washing machine, television set, refrigerator, printer, and laptop. There is also a punching bag, boxing gear, darts and rage balls, which visitors can use.Rage rooms provide visitors with industrial-quality suits, safety helmets, gloves, and shoes. The Rage Room is open every day from 12 noon to 10 pm.