Royal shows, parades & traditional celebrations: Unique Easter experiences around the world

Here’s a pick of top destinations that are sure to immerse you in the true Easter spirit and egg-cite you for the upcoming gala.
Traditional Easter in Hungary
Traditional Easter in Hungary

Easter is one of the biggest celebrations in the world, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Celebrated in numerous ways across the globe, different destinations have their own distinct traditions to rejoice in the Holy Week.

And since it falls over a long weekend, it’s a perfect time to have a wholesome holiday with the ones you love.

Here’s a pick of top destinations that are sure to immerse you in the true Easter spirit and egg-cite you for the upcoming gala. 

Hungary is a land that still has its customs rooted in the prehistoric years when it comes to celebrating religious holidays. One Easter tradition, which still breeds in Hungary is ‘sprinkling’.

Traditionally, men used to douse women with water or spray their hair with perfume or cologne.

In return of this gracious “sprinkling”, ladies would offer them an egg-cellent bunch of well decorated Easter eggs (No Easter without eggs, right?), Home baked cakes and Palinka (A popular fruit brandy).

Delicious desserts for a spray of perfume? Lucky you, Hungary boys! It is a popular custom associated with cleaning, healing and fertility effects of water.

Easter celebrations in France

In the history of eggs-agerated tales, this one’s sure topping the list.

The legend says that, when Napoleon visited the town of Bessières, he ate a delicious omelette, which he liked so much, he demanded a huge one to be made for his entire army as well!

The French people in the town of Bessières, still follow this tradition by gathering every Easter Monday to make a huge omelet with around 12,000 eggs to feed the town.

Spectators are in for an unbelievable sight with the brotherhood of Bessieres puring gallons of egg yolk into a gigantic pan, beating and stirring the blend with large baquettes. 

Easter celebrations in Brazil

A one of a kind tradition, Brazilians create straw dolls to represent Judas, the apostle known for betraying Jesus Christ.

In order to symbolise the hatred they have for the man who betrayed Christ, these dolls are hung on the streets and beaten.

Adding a modern spin to the tradition, civilians also make straw dolls to represent fraudulent politicians and scam artists further representing the Judas that is still alive in the present day.

Easter celebrations in New South Wales, Australia

Australia, New South Wales
First held in 1823, the show is now Australia's largest annual event, attracting over 800,000 people every year.

Revenue generated by it allows the RAS to invest in agricultural programs, competitions, education, youth and rural NSW.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from our rural traditions to our modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone.

Every Easter, the country and city join together at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, for fourteen days of agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more.

Easter celebrations in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
Esplosione del Carro (or Explosion of the cart) is a tradition that dates back to 300 years. A much-awaited parade, celebrations commence in full swing from 10 am in the morning!

Brindellone, a gigantic decorated cart is dragged by a pair of white oxen following a route from the warehouse and makes its way through the streets until it reaches the cathedral.

Subsequently, the Archbishop of Florence lights a dove-shaped rocket, and sends it into Brindellone, setting off the fireworks. It is believed that if the dove-shaped rocket returns to the altar, a good harvest is en route!

Easter celebrations in Sweden

In Sweden, a fun tradition of Easter is dedicated to little kids, allowing their imagination to swell.

Cute little girls dressed up as witches, in ragged long skirts with headscarves and painted cheeks, dallying around the street is a common sight. 

The kids go house to house exchanging paintings for sweets. According to the custom of Swedish Easter, sweets play an important role in Easter celebrations.

Easter celebrations in Greece

A panoramic view of the ebony sky, slowly lighting up with the eastern lanterns musically floating in the calming breeze, is a view one just cannot miss.

The sky in the town of Leonidio, Peloponnese is filled with colourful Easter lanterns as soon as ‘Christ is Risen’ is chanted at midnight.

Complementing this soothing view is a sumptuous sweet Easter bread where dyed red eggs are nestled into the dough and the bread is flavored with spices and vanilla.

Planning to visit Greece? We aren’t surprised.

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