Embrace the hottest home decor trend of 2019 with Carpet Couture’s PET-fibre rugs

Know why Pet- fibre rugs are the hottest home décor trend of 2019

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  11th September 2019 05:10 PM   |   Published :   |  11th September 2019 05:10 PM

PET-fibre rugs by Carpet Couture

Sustainable living is the latest mantra and if you are among the conscious souls who care for the environment and look for eco-friendly products, then you should definitely know about PET-fibre rugs. PET-a fibre created by blending recycled polyester, can be used to create raw material for producing anything, from dishes to apparel to indoor and outdoor rugs.  Since the big selling points of indoor/outdoor rugs are their look, durability and washability, the new PET rugs manage to suffice all the aspects. Tightly woven with skill and precision, they are lightweight, substantial, soft and feel just like any other natural woven wool rug in a wide range of styles and colours. Rashi Bajaj, Founder Carpet Couture, lists some benefits of this innovative yarn.


These rugs have water-resistant properties, making them suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors during the heavy rainy season.


These rugs do not have much weight, so they are easier to carry, maintain or clean whenever required, especially when compared to conventional rugs. All you need to do is simply shake them off or wash with a hosepipe to give them a fresh look.


Many consumers often mistakenly believe that these rugs don’t look as luxurious as the more conventional luxury rugs. The truth, however, is that these PET yarn rugs do not compromise on their plushness and actually feel like a ball of soft wool – adding to their premium feel.

Saves natural resources

Since PET-fibre rugs are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, there is no additional requirement for natural elements to create them. This reduces the burden on the environment. Moreover, as polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres, such rugs take very little amount of energy to be created.


PET rugs are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions throughout the year without any extra care. This makes them tough enough to withstand high traffic areas such as the passage, entrance, or kitchen area at homes. Moreover, since these rugs do not hold water and are mould resistant, they are ideal for use at outdoor areas like patios, pool area, terrace or balcony where there is a lot of exposure to sunlight and also during the monsoons. These rugs are also perfect picks for homes at coastal areas, beach resorts and places with a high humidity index.

Saves power while manufacturing

Since PET-fibred rugs are handwoven with handmade tools, there is absolutely no need for electricity or any other sources of power and energy. This also helps in sustaining and promoting skilled craftspeople, as well as interesting indigenous hand-weaved textures and handloom in general.

So, for all the rug enthusiasts who are willing to go green, the long-lasting PET-fibre rugs are clearly the smartest possible choice to give their homes a modern yet subtle look in the most eco-friendly manner possible!