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multifunctional spaces.

Double-duty spaces: New trend of one room for multiple purposes

Interior designers dole out tips to remodel spaces into multifunctional abodes your spaces into multifunctional abode

Published on 6th August 2022
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Now you see it, now you don’t: The hidden or invisible kitchen

Born during the pandemic, when more and more people worked from home, and usually sat at the kitchen table to do that, they weren’t too keen for their pots to be on display during Zoom meetings

Published on 31st July 2022
Manuel Justin's art work

Go metal!

The metal decor is in vogue now. Minimal, sleek and stylish metal designs are long-lasting and spruce up your living space elegantly

Published on 29th July 2022

In search of positive energy and good luck? These water plants can help

Here is a checklist of the best indoor plants that thrive in water

Published on 24th July 2022

Cycle Upcycle: Here's how you can recycle 

When your beloved old bicycle is no longer ride-worthy, here’s how you can still make it work, both indoors and outdoors

Published on 17th July 2022
Obeetee Carpets has strived to combine traditional Indian elements with modern aesthetics and design elements.

'Amer Canvas' launched by Obeetee Carpets is a summer hit

Obeetee Carpets has strived to combine traditional Indian elements with modern aesthetics and design elements

Published on 3rd July 2022
Wallpaper from UDC Homes

Vintage florals to contemporary geometrics, wallpapers are making a comeback

Thanks to contemporary patterns and funky prints, wallpapers are again having a moment in the design world

Published on 3rd July 2022
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We bring to you the biggest wedding trends that couples are looking to cash in on — going all sustainable

A wedding begins with the many creative invites but the amount of paper, plastic and eco-waste that goes into the making of these cards is no secret

Published on 28th June 2022

Give your living room a new decor with products from Sofa & Dining Collections Exhibition

Ice Skating Rink will be hosting an exclusive Sofa & Dining Collections exhibition

Published on 17th June 2022
Atelier kitchen by Aster Cucine.

Ottimo unveils the Atelier kitchen by Aster Cucine

A high-quality laminate kitchen, it is ideal for those looking for a high-use kitchen that combines durability with aesthetic appeal

Published on 5th June 2022

Art of Clay

Pottery maestro V K Jayan is on a mission to revive the traditional terracotta artworks by adding modern aesthetics into his works

Published on 2nd June 2022
Summer Wedding decor

From alfresco dining to tropical themes, here’s all you need to know before planning your summer wedding

Experts share some key things to remember before planning a summer wedding

Published on 30th May 2022
From the range
Representational Image. Bamboo

House with the bamboo door…

From floors to floor coverings, tableware to toothbrushes, furniture to lighting, there’s nothing you can’t make in bamboo these days

Published on 14th February 2022
Nikki Galrani’s apartment in Chennai

Meet the founder of Chestnut Storeys, Farah Agarwal, who designed actress Nikki Galrani’s Chennai apartment

Elegant and sophisticated, with a focus on luxury and comfort, this 3,500 sq ft bright and airy apartment is certainly an example of shimmer and glimmer done just right

Published on 22nd May 2022

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