Research says, you’re more likely to cheat in a marriage if your parents were unfaithful

Infidelity might even be genetic, according to this study

author_img AM Published :  28th May 2019 08:31 PM   |   Published :   |  28th May 2019 08:31 PM

Infidelity might be genetic

The extra-marital dating app, Gleeden, since its launch in India mid-2017, has registered over five lakh Indian users. The app hopes that, “infidelity will not be considered a taboo in the nearby future,” according to their spokesperson. 

The app regularly runs surveys and studies on topics about love, sex, and relationships. Through these they monitor the evolution of the infidelity in contemporary society and they have come up with this interesting statistic. According to their research, 46% of unfaithful come from families where one parent cheated on the other. 

This is even corroborated by a study at Queensland University in Australia in 2015. The researchers identified a specific gene in women that could be responsible for this infidelity. Known as AVPR1A, it the gene a hormone called “arginine vasopressin”, which affects social behavior and attachment between sexual partners. 

So while it infidelity may be inherited or based on your childhood environment, one thing is for sure that Gleeden is very popular in India, with Bengaluru in the lead leading boasting over 1.35 lakh users.