Guest column: Wellness entrepreneur Luke Coutinho tells you the importance of local grains

Nutrition expert and wellness entrepreneur Luke Coutinho on how to eat right in an era of fad diets

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Luke Coutinho

Mumbai-based wellness entrepreneur Luke Coutinho has very simple solutions to the most complicated lifestyle ailments. We caught up with the celebrated lifestyle and fitness expert when he was here recently. Excerpts:

What’s your personal fitness and diet regimen?

I follow a balanced diet mostly comprising local food. When I am training I increase my protein intake and eat less while I am travelling. I take small walks while waiting at the airport so that I do not miss out on daily body movements and I get seven-eight hours of sound sleep. I also meditate and pray a lot.

Should we go local or global when it comes to food?

There’s nothing wrong with these global foods but people shouldn’t replace their traditional or staple diets with them. Have them occasionally but when you replace your traditional grains with quinoa, it doesn’t make sense at all.

How does a busy professional woman keep fit?

First, don’t compromise on your sleep. Don’t give workouts a complete miss. If you are short on time, try the simple four-minute workouts like Tabata or even a few squats and jumping jacks for 10 minutes can do wonders.

Are protein shakes good or bad?

Natural proteins are always the best. But when people have three-to-four shakes a day and think they can do away with nuts and seeds and grains, then it’s a big mistake.

Luke Coutinho

How effective is the keto diet?

It’s a very medical diet and is used for treating epilepsy, certain types of cancers including brain cancer, brain haemorrhages and tumours. Many can sustain ketosis wonderfully but some lose three-to-four kilos and the moment they get back to their regular life, they put their weight back on since they do it the wrong way. They don’t get their carb calculations right, so, the body is in starvation. For a proper keto diet, one needs to take into consideration the BMR (Basal metabolic rate), the weight, the fat percentage. Also, keto never existed before but people were fit nonetheless. So, which behaviour are you unable to meet to go for keto as a shortcut?

What’s the secret to good skin and hair?

It’s your digestive system that should be taken care of. If the gut is not absorbing nutrition, then no amount of good food will help. Ensure that you are not acidic and constipated. Eat at regular hours and eat clean food, avoid sugar and kill the stress. Stress is definitely connected with hair loss since stress inflames the gut and obstructs absorption of nutrition.

Quick takes

Comfort food: Khichdi

Favourite book: Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Last watched movie: The Lion King

Last watched web series: Money Heist

Fit female actors: Anuskha Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu

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