Give your regular breakfast a skip and opt for nutritious energy bars from AkiMi’s Gourmet

What truly makes them stand out among other healthy snack brands is their signature Postpartum Bites.

A Harini Prasad Published :  20th September 2019 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th September 2019 01:00 AM
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One of the initial challenges that founders of AkiMi’s Gourmet — Midhila Raavi and Akila Vankalapati — faced when they decided to start their own health food store was to break the myth that healthy food doesn’t taste good. “We were particular about making delicious options while sticking to a list of ingredients that are nutritious. We experimented with recipes to make sure our gluten-free cake is as tasty as any regular one,” says Midhila, who handles the brand in Hyderabad, while Akila takes care of the orders in Chennai.


It all started off over a few cups of coffee when the two childhood friends and food lovers tried baking together. “Back in Chennai, we would meet every weekend in newly opened restaurants. Soon, we became more conscious of our sugar intake. That’s when we tried making a few bites and also shared it with friends. We got good feedback and that led to us deciding on opening a healthy food line,” shares Midhila. However, it took the duo a couple of years of discussions before they formally launched it in a pop-up in Chennai, in April this year. After receiving a positive response, Midhila opened doors for orders in Hyderabad recently.

Cranberry Bites

Initially, the menu offered Energy Bites in the form of ladoos — cranberry almond, dark chocolate and peanut butter and black sesame, each packed in a reusable box. Soon, Smoothies (made of nut milk), Granola and Tea Time Cakes were added to the menu. But what truly makes them stand out among other healthy snack brands is their signature Postpartum Bites.

Postpartum Energy Bites

Made of edible gum and loads of nuts, postpartum energy bites are ideal for pregnant and lactating mothers, which helps in boosting energy and milk production. “Our postpartum bites have been one of the most selling products. Next on the list is Gluten-free Vegan Brownies — sugarless, flourless and made with almond butter and maple syrup,” Midhila says. For cheat days, there is a section called Cheat Eats (made of sugar and flour), which offers brownie, strawberry, carrot and pistachio cakes.

Strawberry Cake

Energy bars start at Rs.300 for a box of six. 
Reach out to them on @akimi_gourmet (Instagram) or
Phone number: +91 7550282575 for Chennai and+91 9347627899 for Hyderabad.