Special: Your body will thank you for these post-Holi remedies that will heal and nourish you

These homegrown products help to resuscitate the skin and hair post-Holi
Amrutam's Neem Oil
Amrutam's Neem Oil

Concerned about the damage done to your hair and skin post your Holi revelry? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, fear not, throw caution to the air and play with colours uninhibitedly because we’ve curated a list of effective homegrown, clean and safe solutions to take care of your hair and skin woes. Happy Holi!

Neem sessions

A lot of colour on your hair during Holi can trigger dandruff, fungal infections and rashes on the scalp and skin. You can prevent that by massaging Amrutam’s Neem Oil on your scalp and body. It really helps with an itchy and irritable scalp, post-Holi.

Price: Rs 399

<em>Rejuvenating Pre-Shampoo Mask by Bare Anatomy</em>
Rejuvenating Pre-Shampoo Mask by Bare Anatomy

A tress story

If you are wary of the effects that rigorous hair washes might have, fret not. Pamper your crowning glory with this Rejuvenating Pre-Shampoo Mask by Bare Anatomy that’s formulated with clean ingredients and custom-made according to your unique hair needs. This fast-absorbing, silicone-free formulation removes dirt and oil build-up from the hair and scalp, keeping it soft and hydrated. A safe-bet for your post-Holi pampering regimen!

Price: Rs 700 onwards

<em>Activated charcoal bamboo scrub</em>
Activated charcoal bamboo scrub

Charcoal effect

With face and body scrubs becoming a mandatory post-Holi ritual, BodyCafe’s Bamboo Charcoal Face & Body Scrub can be a good alternative for all. The emollient-rich scrub features Rosehip seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, Cold pressed Avocado oil, Almond oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil and Jojoba oil. This scrub moisturises and nourishes the skin while effectively pulling out deep impurities, grime and dirt.

Price: Rs 550

<em>Onelife's Coconut Oil</em>
Onelife's Coconut Oil

Nutty affair

Don’t forget to apply some coconut oil on your hair and skin before playing with colours to keep your scalp’s PH level balanced. You can try Onelife’s Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. It has essential vitamins and fatty acids that keep the skin and scalp nourished.

Price: Rs 850

<em>Ceyone's Cleansing Milk</em>
Ceyone's Cleansing Milk

The milky way

Removing colours might often be abrasive causing rashes and breakouts in sensitive skin. Try Ceyone’s Always 21 Cleansing Milk. It is antibacterial, astringent and anti-irritant and detoxifies with natural actives like neem, aloe vera and tea tree oil.

Price: Rs 250

<em>Dashmool Hair Lep</em>
Dashmool Hair Lep

Love your locks

If you love all things pure and natural, then this deep cleansing herbal hair mask by Mother Sparsh is worth trying. Crafted with potent herbal extracts including methi, tejpatra, triphala, tulsi, shikakai, mulethi, brahmi, bakuchi, curry leaf, japa and dashamoola; Dashmool Hair Lep is ideal for restoring the volume and sheen of your stressed tresses post-Holi.

Price: Rs 599

<em>90 day Miracle Oil</em>
90 day Miracle Oil

Sesame treat

If you like a mix of traditional oils, then The Tribe Concepts’ 90 Day Miracle Oil is a great way to protect your hair. This extra virgin black sesame oil infused with hibiscus, fenugreek and Indian gooseberry is an excellent treatment for all your hair woes.

Price: Rs 799

The Natural Wash's Oats scrub 
The Natural Wash's Oats scrub 

Go all oat!

Oats! Not only do they make for a healthy breakfast option, but they also make for a great choice as a scrubbing agent. You can try TNW-The Natural Wash’s Oat Cleanse Polishing Scrub to get rid of those last stains of Holi colours. Besides scraping the dead cells of your skin and removing a tan, it also acts as a natural toner and moisturiser.

Price: Rs 365

<em>Onion Oil by Upakarma Ayurveda</em>
Onion Oil by Upakarma Ayurveda

The onion brigade

Upakarma’s Onion Hair Oil can be a great way to detoxify your scalp. It restores strength and shine and repairs the damage caused by chemicals.

Price: Rs 699

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