Here's all you need to know about antibiotics

Take an antibiotic with a probiotic supplement to replenish good gut bacteria

author_img Deepika Rathod Published :  01st April 2022 03:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st April 2022 03:00 AM
antibiotic with a probiotic supplement

antibiotic with a probiotic supplement

Lately, we have been experiencing a drastic weather change which is causing sudden colds, cough, diarrheal infection or food poisoning and viral infections. To deal with such issues, it is recommended to start an antibiotic course that helps fight the bacterial growth in our body. But what exactly is an antibiotic? It is a medicine that helps in destroying microbes, particularly bacteria from our body. It is essential to take antibiotics in severe cases like a bacterial infection or food poisoning. If antibiotics are not taken in such cases, the bug does not completely die and can stay in your system for the long term. This, in turn, can create havoc in the system with issues like inflammation and autoimmune conditions. While antibiotics are important, we also have to understand that these medicines have their side effects on the body. Does that mean we shouldn’t take them? Not at all! If medication is required, then we have to follow the doctor’s suggestion and take the course. But it’s important not to abuse your body with any medication while taking the right measures to control the side effects.

Let’s follow the tips below to make sure we don‘t face more side effects:

 ■   Always follow your doctor’s prescription when you face any issues. Never self-medicate because if we constantly abuse our body with antibiotics, then there are high chances that the body gets used to it and the bacteria may become resistant to it.

 ■   Stick to the full prescribed course that is suggested by your doctor. I have noticed many of us stop the antibiotics course abruptly when we start feeling better without completing the course, which too, can make the

bacteria resistant. So even if you feel better after the first few doses, follow and complete the course fully.

 ■   As we saw, antibiotics kills bacteria and since it’s a drug, it doesn’t know how to discriminate between bad and good bacteria. So antibiotics can also reduce the good bacteria from your body which can cause digestion issues like acidity or diarrhea. That’s why it’s important to take an antibiotic with a probiotic supplement to replenish good gut bacteria. You can also use natural probiotics like A2 curd, rice kanji, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut.

 ■   It is advisable to avoid alcohol and smoking when on medication. This will enhance the functioning, repair and recovery of the body.

 ■   There are high chances that antibiotics may wash away your B vitamins from the body, which are important for brain and gut function, metabolism of carbs, proteins, fats, liver function, energy, immunity, etc. So talk to your doctor and start with a B complex supplement to replenish the loss.

 ■   Eat a home-cooked well balanced meal like a khichdi with salad which eases digestion, and provides your body with cellular nutrition that is required for healing.