Here are 5 healthy ways to lose fat

Chew on these practical everyday tips to drop those inches, fast

author_img Deepika Rathod Published :  28th September 2022 02:26 PM   |   Published :   |  28th September 2022 02:26 PM


Nowadays, a lot of people face issues while reducing  inches, fat and weight from the body even though they work out regularly, follow calorie deficit food plans, avoid sugar or follow other fads or fasts. Despite so much effort, why is it that people are not able to burn fat and lose extra kilos? The very first thing that we need to understand here is that its not really the weight loss that our body needs but fat loss. Once there is fat loss, there will be muscle gain and the more the muscle mass, the more fat burn there will be. That’s why it’s always important that we focus on losing inches and not just numbers on the weighing scale. In fact, weight loss can be dangerous as you might be losing water weight, bone weight or even muscle mass.

How can one achieve a good amount of fat loss? It’s very easy and following these few steps can turn your body into a fat burning machine.

NEAT exercises

This stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which involves small movements that one can do to keep the thermogenesis in the body going. For example, a pushup every one to two hours, a small walk post meals, sit ups against the wall, stretching, lunges, squats, a suryanamaskar etc every hour can be helpful to improve the blood circulation and enhance fat metabolism. This will turn your body into a fat burning machine even when you are sleeping. Also make sure that apart from these small movements every hour, you continue with your daily exercise routine, as well as focus on 8-10,000 steps or yoga, swimming etc.

Circadian rhythm

It’s important to set a proper body clock by waking up on time, sleeping on time and eating on time, as these are simple things to change but these tricks do wonders to the body. Most of healing, repair, recovery, fat burn, inch loss, weight loss, detoxification etc happens only when we sleep properly and deeply when the body and mind are calm.

 Early dinners

Our body is designed to rest post sunset and if we are able to eat our dinner within one hour of sunset, it will help us in improving metabolism, better digestion as well as sleeping better. All of these further aid in weight loss.

Chew well

I particularly emphasise this point when I talk to any of my clients because when we slow down and chew the food well, this helps in automatically decreasing your portion size. So, when we chew well, our body naturally controls portions which aids in calorie deficit and helps in burning fat.


Proteins are the building blocks of body that enhance repair and help in forming the lean muscle mass which further helps in burning fat. Let’s try adding sufficient protein to every meal if your body is able to digest it well.

It’s important to stop chasing weight loss with fad diets and quick fixes, instead adapt to lifestyle changes and manage your health well.