COVID-19 relief: Donate the cost of a cup of tea to support Tamil Nadu's tea shop owners

#OruTeaSollunga is an initiative by TATA Tea Chakra Gold
COVID-19 relief: Donate the cost of a cup of tea to support Tamil Nadu's tea shop owners

TATA Tea Chakra Gold has come up with an initiative - #OruTeaSollunga - to support Hot Tea Shops in Tamil Nadu during COVID-19.

As per the latest figures reported, Tamil Nadu has been one of the most affected states in the country in terms of total Covid cases. Large sections of the population have been adversely impacted with the restrictions to contain the disease thereby hurting economic activity across various sectors in the state. One such sector is the tea shops community.  The Tea Kadais, as they are popularly known, are ubiquitous in the state and dot most streets across most parts of Tamil Nadu. With COVID-related  restrictions  impacting this sector, many tea shop workers are struggling for their livelihood.

In an attempt ease financial situation of the Tea shop owners, TATA Tea Chakra Gold, a tea brand in Tamil Nadu, has taken a step forward and has launched #OruTeaSollunga. This initiative is aimed towards extending financial support by raising interim funds for the selected Hot Tea Shops.

Speaking about the initiative by TATA Tea Chakra Gold, Puneet Das, Vice President - Marketing, Beverages India, TATA Consumer Products, said, “Tamil Nadu’s Tea Kadais are a favorite destination for most people for a tasty and refreshing cup of tea. The extended lockdown has brought distressing times for the livelihoods of many in this sector. Tata Tea Chakra Gold has been one of Tamil Nadu’s popular tea brands and apart from being enjoyed across many households, it has many hot tea shop customers as well.

The initiative #OruTeaSollunga by the Tata Tea Chakra Gold, is aimed at giving the people of Tamil Nadu an opportunity to help the tea shop Anna in these difficult times. People can pay a nominal sum of INR 10, (equivalent to paying for a cost of a cup of tea), through their digital wallet from wherever they are, and the amount collected will be sent as donation for the cause of these tea shop workers. As part of  this initiative TATA Tea Chakra Gold is donating payments for more than 2 lakhs cups of tea, each cup worth INR 10. We urge everybody to join us in this cause and help make a genuine difference towards the lives of tea shop Anna.”

The initiative is being followed in compliance with the Covid-19 guidelines, as provided by the local administration.

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