Paloma at home: Gearing up for lockdown 5.0

Stocking up, Netflix binges to come and a new lockdown-inspired book!

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  18th June 2020 02:49 PM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2020 02:49 PM


While I’d love to say I’m surprised, I’m really not, (does anything really surprise us anymore) as we all buckle down for Lockdown 5.0, stock up on essentials and continue to depend on Netflix and Instagram as our main sources of entertainment. Step aside YOLO and FOMO, ‘WFH’ (Work from home) is the new ‘it’ abbreviation. While last week I chatted with a few fellow anchors on the new virtual reality, the conversation continues this week with a few other friends who’ve also been innovating to suit the new format.


Nandini Varshnei (who I Insta-stalk for her great sense of style) is best known for her brand ‘The Armoire Pop up’ where she brings together various names in fashion, with seasonal showcases. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lovingly curated lookbook of all the season’s latest styles, via WhatsApp. Easy peasy. Chatting with Nandini she says that this mini version of her usual concept was born from a need to innovate as well as to continue supporting local designers and craftsmen. “With exhibitions no longer a possibility, I knew that I needed to do something. And fast. With more and more businesses going digital, I knew it was time to finally take my offline business, online! Our clients can now shop over 500+ styles, via WhatsApp, from the comfort and safety of their homes”.  It’s a similar situation for Soundariya Anil, the name behind the ‘Lime Soda Pop-Ups’ that we’ve come to look forward to (along with their fab invite hampers). Soundariya talks about balancing safety while keeping the spirit of shopping alive, with the concept of SDS — socially distanced shopping.  She’s just launched a website, to continue to showcase homegrown brands and support small businesses.



Antara Pandit, author of The Bubbly Blogcast, is all set to launch her book Life during Covid-19. It will be a full-fledged event, complete with readings from the book and fun conversations; the twist of course, is that it will all happen virtually. “With book stores and publishing companies having taken a hit, authors around the world have had to move their book launches online and make alternate plans for the release. That is one of the main reasons I decided to self-publish an e-book right now, instead of print. A huge advantage here is the reach. I hope to see people from all over attend my virtual book launch on July 4,” says Antara.