Paloma around town: Yoga lessons with Malaika Arora and ski sessions in Kashmir

Here's what Chennai's popular faces got up to over the past week
Sarvesh Shashi, Malaika Arora & Manisha
Sarvesh Shashi, Malaika Arora & Manisha

Was it just me or did everyone’s social media feeds this week throw up pictures of friends standing in front of snow-capped mountains and rolling around in the snow? Saying I had a serious case of FOMO would be putting it mildly. Different groups headed up to snowy destinations in the north for an assortment of winter sporting activities. Chatting with Vasundara Devi Gohil aka ‘Girl with the backpack’, who’s been going to Gulmarg to ski for the last seven years, she says this year was extraordinary seeing the number of people come out to try skiing and boarding for the first time. “The pandemic seems to have given people a desire for the outdoors and a want to have new adventures,” says Vasundara, who over the years has converted many of our friends from people who’ve never seen snow before, to decent skiers, thanks to her enthusiasm and great planning. I also caught up with Nishani Manohar who was part of a Zanskar frozen river trek in Ladakh, which also happens to be one of the most challenging winter treks in India. “It was by far the most thrilling, exciting and overwhelming experiences of a lifetime. The energy of the whole group and the guides made it even more magical,” she shared.

<em>Aiswarya Dutta at the FB Awards</em>
Aiswarya Dutta at the FB Awards
<em>Sakshi Aggarwal at the FB Awards</em>
Sakshi Aggarwal at the FB Awards
<em>Rakesh, Samantha, Vasundara & Shefali at Gulmarg, Kashmir</em>
Rakesh, Samantha, Vasundara & Shefali at Gulmarg, Kashmir

Meanwhile, for those of us back in Chennai, things were heating up both literally and otherwise with the arrival of Malaika Arora for an event organized by RCC DIVA at ITC Grand Chola. After a zumba performance by Sarvesh Sashi, the founder of Sarva Yoga, Malaika came on for a session on yoga and wellness. As you can imagine, the audience had some serious fangirl moments, as the diva spoke about her fitness journey. The week ended with more celeb power and a dose of glamour at the FB awards at Holiday Inn. Awards were presented across multiple categories with actors from film and television in attendance.

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