Paloma about town: A cake mixing, Diwali celebrations and a new fitness spot in town

A round-up of hip and happening events in the city
Cake mixing at ITC Grand Chola
Cake mixing at ITC Grand Chola

I can’t believe I’m actually feeling cold as I sit down to write this. Cold! In Chennai! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were complaining about how hot this year’s summer has been. And all around me people are making plans for New Year’s. Is it already almost 2022? How did that happen? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had a baby or this is the general feeling. Those of you who agree with me, please raise your hands.

<em>Lakshmi and Paloma at a Diwali party</em>
Lakshmi and Paloma at a Diwali party

Before we could even blink, Halloween went by, quickly followed by Diwali, with everyone in the mood to make up for lost time and celebrations. While ‘intimate gathering’ was used a lot, it looks like the phrase means different things to different people. Hosts went all out to entertain, with parties through the week, some with not-so-intimate guest lists. Although you can’t blame the ladies for dressing to impress, with everyone finally being able to pull out those ‘fancy’ outfits languishing in our wardrobes. I made one single ‘festive’ outing this season, to TK and Lakshmi Krishnaswamy’s Diwali party, a ‘must’ on our annual calendar. The rest of the week was spent systematically gorging on sweets and making Diwali reels.

<em>R Manikandan at the launch of Team Fibre</em>
R Manikandan at the launch of Team Fibre

But of course, would this time of the year be complete without the rains having us playing the will it, won’t it guessing game. With two postponed events and shoots, I gave up and decided to get comfy at home. Before the skies opened, one group of ladies had gathered for a sneak peek at Kreshya, a hip new jewellery brand by Aishwarya and Kritish Vummidi. After a quick look at a few of their Insta Stories (and later a detailed look at the website) my FOMO properly kicked in. Even the friends who went just to have a look, ended up picking up stuff, with there being something for everyone. Another group had gathered at ITC Grand Chola for their annual cake mixing, another reminder that the end of the year is almost here. And finally the launch of Team Fibre — Lifestyle and Fitness Studio, reminded us all that despite Diwali being brought in, it was time to get back on track.

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