Paloma about town: Self care and gourmet fare

It's been a full week of happening events in Chennai
Paloma & Krithika at the launch of Saa
Paloma & Krithika at the launch of Saa

In the lead-up to the festive season, this week saw a real sense of ‘coming together’ at events across the city. It was a fun conversation at the launch of Saa, an organic self-care line, by Synck in Besant Nagar —  everyone’s favourite spot this side of town. I got to have a chat with founder Krithika Subramanian, which was both fun and a real eye-opener, talking about beauty and wellness. Synck was also the perfect setting for this conversation to unfold with some, “seriously Instagrammable botanical feels”, to quote a guest. Questions like what products to choose and how to choose them, in a time where we certainly have no shortage of options. Not to mention Instagram offering solutions to beauty problems we didn’t even know existed. Krithika said she likes to keep things simple — multi-purpose products that could be used for a variety of reasons. 

<em>Jennifer at Challani house of silver</em>
Jennifer at Challani house of silver

Our next stop was at Challani house of silver, where everyone had gathered in their festive finery to witness the all-silver golu. We got to see lots of industry faces, both from music, film and television, followed by some Diwali shopping at Style Bazaar with a curated showcase of clothing, jewellery, and accessories. Shifting gears to gourmet eats, Local XO’s Sunday Market as always saw an elaborate spread on offer; we saw everything from coffee and baked goods to burgers and biryani. While some people made quick stops and took their goodies ‘to go’, others were happy to chill and slowly make their way through the specials, one tiny plate at a time. One person’s advice: “Go as a group, that way you can try a little of everything.” Noted. 

<em>Sanghamitra, Suneethi, Vasundara, Divya & Rohini at Local XO's Sunday Market</em>
Sanghamitra, Suneethi, Vasundara, Divya & Rohini at Local XO's Sunday Market

For the party peeps, the main event this week was the launch of ‘Nght Mrkt’, a new restobar. Safe to say everyone loved the theme, with the setup reminding us of our travels to South East Asia. Everything from drinks that were served in little ‘baggies with a straw’ to stall after stall of food. It also didn’t hurt that there was a photo op at every corner and the influencers were sure to sniff them all out!

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