Paloma about town: Nail art, watercolour canvasses and Christmas cake!

The past week saw plenty of shopping, eats and Yuletide fun...
Cae mixing fun at Taj Coromandel
Cae mixing fun at Taj Coromandel

Raining or not, it was yet another crazy busy week here in Chennai. While struggling to squeeze it all in, I’ll probably still only be able to cover about half of what happened. Let’s get right into it. Things started off on a healthy note at the launch of the Eko-lyfe café and store by Soul Garden Bistro. Having already been a fan of the store, I was excited that the zero waste concept now extended to the café as well. Jignesh and Hemal got us to sample the menu, plying us with dosas, smoothies and my favourite, the gelato, a treat for all the senses. Read more about this on page 10. I also did some shopping, no not the season‘s latest trends, but bagfuls of organic vegetables.

<em>Paloma & Shiksha at Fingertips</em>
Paloma & Shiksha at Fingertips

My next stop was at Fingertips, The Nail studio, at the launch of their latest branch in Besant Nagar. It was a nice calming pit stop in the middle of a week where everyone was dashing around from one thing to the next. We were all in princess mode as we were waited hand and foot (pun intended), while Shiksha was the perfect host, ensuring we were well taken care of, and recommending the ‘in’ shades this season. Ultra violet and holographic hues were the popular choice.

<em>Priya Anand at the launch of ‘Shopaholics’</em>
Priya Anand at the launch of ‘Shopaholics’

Another highlight of the week was the launch of ‘Shopaholics’ by Trishla Baid Arora, who after years of living in Mumbai and working with the industry’s best, has now forayed into fashion. Her flagship store in Nungambakkam, saw a range of clothing and accessories and the city’s popular ladies were more than excited to get ‘first pick’. It was a fun mix of shopping, photos and the usual exchange of what’s been going on. The last stop was at Vennba Art Gallery for ‘Kaivalya’, a solo show by artist Shyam Karri. Guests were in for a treat with Shyam giving them a live demo with watercolours.

<em>Neethu at Holiday Inn's cake mixing ceremony </em>
Neethu at Holiday Inn's cake mixing ceremony 

The rest of the week included multiple cake mixing events at various hotels across the city. At Taj Coromandel, it was like a family get together with the regular faces catching up and enjoying some Yuletide fun. Meanwhile, on the ECR people had gathered at Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa, amidst music, canapés and giggles, while another bunch was at Holiday Inn OMR, where we saw lots of Christmas colours. 

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