Paloma about town: A chill birthday, new restaurants in town and an adoption drive...

A run down of all the happenings over the past week

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  11th February 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  11th February 2022 07:00 AM

I’m almost scared to start with ‘It’s been a busy week’, let’s not jinx things now shall we. I’ll begin with the birthday report and we’ll go from there. It turned out to be the chill birthday I wanted. After the lockdown-pregnancy-lockdown combo of the past few years, I thought at least a small celebration was in order. A fun time with friends, by the coast, was the perfect setting to bring in a new year. Of course, that also meant lots of pictures and many many attempts at group ‘reels’ for Instagram. The bloopers probably make for better content than our final videos. But hey, it’s all about having fun trying right? Meanwhile, back in the city, a pet adoption drive was underway at Les Amis, in collaboration with iAdopt. The popular café was converted into a puppy paradise for the day and it was great to see such a turnout. While some were there specifically for the event, others couldn’t resist a peek, while they enjoyed their Stroopwafels and Iced Dark Chocolate Mochas. The special guests Mila, Andy, Sundari, Milo, Rainbow and the rest of the Paw Squad got loads of attention, with a few heading home with happy families. Hashtag ‘Heart Melt’. The Doggo theme continued with the launch of a new branch of Twisty Tails at Anna Nagar, another venue for pet lovers to bring their canine buddies. And for those that don’t have their own pets, not to worry, the resident doggies are happy to offer unlimited cuddles.


Roopjyoti at the Junior Kuppanna launch

And rounding out the week was the launch of Junior Kuppanna at Neelangarai, with quite the guest list. Dr VG Santosam, Chairman VGP Group of Companies and Dr Ishari K Ganesh, Chairman and Chancellor of Vels University did the honours of inaugurating the 51st Outlet. The ‘ECR Brigade’ was in full attendance, a mix of expats, bloggers and P3 regulars. On the menu were the all-time favourites — Mutton Biriyani, Kongu Mutton Curry, Chicken Pallipalayam and more. 


Manju & Lathika at Twisty Tails in Anna Nagar

Meanwhile on next week’s calendar, is more food and restaurant launches and a little bit of fashion as well. We remain cautiously optimistic as plans are being made for Valentine’s Day. Whether you go the mushy route or choose to celebrate it with your gal pals, there’s lots on offer. So cheers and happy V-Day in advance!