Paloma about town: A fun dose of rooftop dining and ROFL theatre

It might be crazy hot, but this doesn't seem to have affected the social scene with events happening back to back

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  27th May 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th May 2022 07:00 AM

Shweta & Sanchana

We’ve officially hit the hottest day of Summer (40 degrees I’ve been told) and everyone exchanges notes while fanning themselves, wearing the magic number like a badge of pride. “I knew it was hotter than usual,” more than one person was heard saying, as we offered our sympathies to each other. What amazes, and impresses me, is how the crazy temperatures don’t seem to have affected the social scene. Not one bit. Who would’ve thought outdoor and rooftop events would see such success at this time of the year but there you have it. I went on a bit of a ‘coffee trail’ shoot this week in the Chennai 28 area, only to find all three spots on the list, filled with people enjoying their ‘Cuppa joe’ in the outdoor sections.


Jiiva at the launch of Finding Rumi


Disha at Finding Rumi


Similarly, the launch of Finding Rumi, a rooftop dining restaurant on Chamiers Road, saw quite the turnout. Most of the pretty faces were part of the influencer contingent, a large part of most social gatherings these days, all of whom tucked into the Mediterranean menu with gusto. While there was an indoor section on offer, many of the PYTs happily sat outdoors. Of course, I had to delve into the reason behind the name, and was told that much like the words of the famous poet, they hope that this would be an experience for the soul. Many of the same faces were seen later in the week at  The Souq by Kalakshetra, with local artisans from all over India showcasing their craft. Everything from jewellery and clothing to home décor, had the shoppers spoilt for choice.


Mehndi at The Souq by Kalakshetra


Nikarika at the unveiling of the new Jeep Meridian

This week also saw the unveiling of the all-new Jeep Meridian at VTK Automobiles OMR. It was a mixed crowd in attendance, with as many ladies as there were gents. And the final stop on the events trail was at Alliance Française, for Tartuffe, a satire by French playwright Moliere. Adapted and directed by Amarendran, the primarily English script also had a smattering of Tamil, Hindi and ‘more,’ resulting in much laughter. Kudos to the team for managing to handle heavy subject matter, with a light touch. So, the audience went away laughing at the jokes but also took home some thought-provoking moments. Someone was heard saying how remarkable it is that a 1664 play is so relevant even today.