Paloma about town: Fab flavours on my plate and a dose of lipstick love...

Here's what Chennai's swish set got up to over the past week...
Renuka & Preetha at the showcase of the new Mac Locked Kiss Ink range
Renuka & Preetha at the showcase of the new Mac Locked Kiss Ink range

I feel like fashion’s top spot has been taken over by food for the past couple of months and I can’t say I’m too upset about it. Chefs are the celebrities of the day with cooking shows and Instagram catapulting them to superstar status. Getting everyone excited was the invite to Shefs at the Leela, bringing together culinary rockstar talent, and yes in case the name didn’t give it away, it was an all-woman show. The stars in question were renowned chefs, Neha Deepak Shah, Marina Balakrishnan, Adhira Swami and Tejasvi Chandela. Guests enjoyed the specially curated sit-down dinner, showcasing their signature dishes with a global spin. 

<em>Paloma & Rohith</em>
Paloma & Rohith
<em>Vignesh & Suhasini at The Leela Palace Chennai</em>
Vignesh & Suhasini at The Leela Palace Chennai

Continuing on the foodie trail was my unique experience this week, catching up with prominent photographer Rohith Sarcar to be a guest on his new food and travel show. A final name is yet to be decided, but of the many options, I loved ‘Intermittent Feasting’. So remember you heard it first here from me. Joining in the fun as we enjoyed our meal at Parambriyam, was Chef Loki Madireddi, so it really was a case of ‘good luck to Rohith’ getting a word in with the two of us around. The show  is about understanding food with regards to culture in each city. And while I offered my perspective as a true blue Chennai girl, I also learnt a thing or two from our host, who loves his research. As we tucked into our meals and ‘Fish Fry’, he was quick to chime in, “you mean Fried Fish”. 

<em>Kiki at the MAC event</em>
Kiki at the MAC event

I’ll deviate from food with our last event, where Eyelash Queen Renuka Praveen and Mac Cosmetics India hosted an afternoon for the ladies, to showcase the new Mac Locked Kiss Ink range. It was a fun easy breezy affair with everyone focused on the task at hand. Normally conversation wanders to all sorts of topics, but here it was all about the lipstick and its many attributes. The session included a demo by top make-up artist Leiya Phinao who gave the crowd some expert tips and tricks, while showing everyone how to achieve the perfect red lip. Renuka herself was the perfect host in a fab dress by Nidhi Chordia that we couldn’t stop gushing over. No suprises that everyone left with bags in hand, loving the peaches and pinks. It was told later that the store ran out of stock. Well done ladies!

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