With Festival of Laziness, you can win ₹ 90,000 for basically doing nothing

At this unusual event, the only condition is that you cannot sit or stand as that will lead to direct disqualification
Photo Credits: Pexels
Photo Credits: Pexels

For all the times your mum has asked you to get out of bed, stop doom-scrolling on Instagram and get some work done, how would you feel if someone told you that you could win an award just for lazing around? Wouldn’t that feel like a dream come true? Well, it looks like your prayers are being answered as the annual Festival of Laziness or Lazy Olympics is back.

For the unversed, in Eastern Europe’s Brezna village in Montenegro, every year, a festival that celebrates being lazy is organised. It started out as an event based on the stereotype that folks from the village of Montenegro are lazy and like to lounge around. But now, it attracts widespread popularity and as per media reports, it sees participants from countries like Russia and Serbia as well. However, some reports also suggest that it is not open to outsiders.

That being said, while some participate in it for fun, there are a handful who genuinely want to challenge themselves and learn to survive in such unusual conditions. There are 21 people who get selected out of the initial selection and out of those only four get to compete for the winning title of the “Laziest Citizen.”

The four participants temporarily live away from their family, work and other responsibilities in a barn-like structure. They are provided with bare essentials and they are even allowed to use their mobile phones, read books etc. The only condition is that one cannot sit or stand upright, which can lead to disqualification. The winner takes home close to 11,000 euros.

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