Recipe: Special brews to keep you warm on a cold winter day

Delhi’s leading chefs share beverage recipes featuring spices and organic ingredients to keep you warm on a cold winter day

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Seasonal Spicy teas

Seasonal Spicy Sips (For representational purposes)

Winter is synonymous with many things—colourful pairs of socks and a cosy woollen muffler wrapped around your neck. But it is also associated with the lethargy you feel as the temperature falls. In these moments, all you might wish is to curl up under a blanket with a cup of something warm.

You might be familiar with the delectable hot chocolate, Irish coffee, or mulled wine. However, there are other healthy concoctions that can pack a punch.

Delhi’s leading chefs share beverage recipes featuring spices and organic ingredients to keep you warm on a cold winter day.

Not Hot Toddy 


  • Black tea (brewed): 210ml

  • Apple juice (warmed): 3tbsp

  • Honey: 1tbsp

  • Lime juice: 1tbsp

  • Cinnamon: 1/2 a stick

  • Cloves: 1/4tsp

  • Nutmeg: 1/2tsp

  • Cardamom pods: 1-2


  • Add honey to a cup followed by the spices

  • Add lemon juice, apple juice and the tea

  • Stir and serve

– by Radhikha Khandelwal, Fig & Maple, GK2

An immunity booster

“This is a classic cold weather drink; each of the spices has a health benefit of its own,” says Chef Radhika Khandelwal speaking of her ‘Not Hot Toddy’.

Using whole spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves, this concoction is a great addition to your winter beverage list.

Khandelwal adds, “Cinnamon is beneficial to treat arthritis; cardamom is known to treat coughs and respiratory problems; and cloves have anti-inflammatory properties.” Paired with apples, which helps boost immunity, this drink is a contemporary version of your mother’s kadha.

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Herb Burnt Tomato Jasmine Beverage


  • Ripe tomato: 200gm

  • Sage leaves: 4/5

  • Thyme: 1 sprig

  • Kaffir lime leaves: handful

  • Sea salt: a pinch

  • Honey: 1tsp

  • Whole black pepper: 4/5

  • Cloves: 2/3

  • Jasmine tea:  1 teapod

  • Fresh pressed blueberries: 10

  • Mint leaves: 3/4


  • Blend all the ingredients together

  • Strain it in pan. Heat and serve hot

– by Chanchal Dutta, Molecule Air Bar, Green Park

A healthy, tasty brew 

The body is susceptible to infections in winter, reminds Chef Chanchal Dutta. So, people prefer to have food and beverages that warm up their bodies. “Having a drink infused with honey and whole spices will help warm up your body and will naturally fight any infection,” shares Dutta. His ‘Herb Burnt Tomato Jasmine’, is thus, the perfect this season. The goodness of tomatoes, herbs, and whole spices will calm cough or cold. Honey, on the other hand, helps soothe a sore throat, while blueberries add a fruity flavour. This beverage can warm you up on a winter day or act as a natural and organic remedy to cold. 

Spiced apple cider toddy


  • Cloves: 1/4tsp 

  •  Star anise: 2

  • Cinnamon sticks: 3

  • Apple cider: 8 cups

  • Ginger (smashed): 2

  • Honey (per serving): 1tbsp

  • Sliced orange: to garnish


  • Dry roast the spices over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally, until you can smell the aromas released by the spices.

  • Once done, reduce the heat and pour the apple cider in it. Allow it to slowly heat up until it simmers and then add the ginger. Allow it to stay at the lowest temperature for at least 30 minutes.

  • Skim any particles that rise to the top of the pot using a fine mesh.

  • The beverage is now ready to serve. Take a glass and add a cinnamon stick, a slice of orange and a tablespoon of honey to it. Pour the beverage into a mug and enjoy.

– by Priyam Kumar (right) and Parth Saxena, Gobsmackers, Sushant Lok, Gurugram

The perfect feel-good drink

“Winter is all about indulging in comfort foods and beverages that don’t just taste great, but warm you up from within and also add that extra boost of immunity and feel-good factor,” shares consultant chef Priyam Kumar, who has co-founded the burger brand Gobsmackers with Parth Saxena.

Their ‘Spiced Apple Cider Toddy’—with anti-inflammatory and healing properties of its spices, coupled with the regulatory compounds of apple cider, the soothing goodness of honey, and the health benefits of ginger—works as a nourishing beverage for the winter season.