Being Strong Fitness Studio devises new client-centric modules     

New workout programmes are being designed at Being Strong Fitness Studio to keep the members hooked to the floor

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  24th December 2021 01:18 AM   |   Published :   |  24th December 2021 01:18 AM
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Being Strong Fitness Studio

Being Strong Fitness Studio lives up to its name! The gym braved the COVID-19 storm with chin up, kept the spirits of its members and staff high and remained strong for another great inning. Nahida Khanum, co-owner of the homegrown gym, tells us that the outlook of fitness enthusiasts has changed forever, with members taking their bodies more seriously than ever. Nahida opens up about fitness during the pandemic and their special wedding package for the ones getting hitched.

Nahida with a friend
Nahida with a friend

Since your members are coming are back to the gym, do you see a change in their perspective regarding health and fitness?

After the COVID-19-related health scares, the general outlook of people towards health and fitness has transformed a lot. In our pandemic experience, we observed that the convenience of digital training plateaus fairly quickly. The members always appreciate a one-on-one when it comes to their fitness. Being present on the gym floor with trainers also takes out the monotony of home workouts.

How was 2021 for you and the gym?

It’s been tough surviving in this industry, and to keep people interested, active and invested has been even tougher. Working along with the team has kept our existing members and others engaged so they did not shy away, fearing infection. We have taken the lockdown and COVID-19 situation head-on and haven’t let it stop us or even discard our future plans.

The wedding and festive seasons are back which means diet and exercise will go for a toss. What kind of workout do you suggest to keep one in shape?

At Being Strong we are looking to make the wedding and party season special by getting members to take part in our wedding special preparations. This is where we get a member to work out at least five days a week, follow a simple and effective diet and a kickass workout that would involve strength and high-intensity programmes to keep the body active, even when one is in the resting mode